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I think this one has been a long time coming.

We all appreciate Ephinea and the hard work that Sodaboy puts into keeping PSO a fresh and interesting experience, but I believe that I've uncovered evidence that discards the façade that he's worked so hard to keep up. Keep your seatbelts on, because this is the biggest tell-all post this forum's ever going to see. For convenience's sake, I've bulleted the list to keep it simple -- you can PM me for information and sources regarding the statements I put forward.

  • Sodaboy encourages an unhealthy lifestyle. Just look at his username. Sodaboy? Really? Why would you promote soda, an unhealthy drink? Contrast Tofuman, who proposes a healthy lifestyle of eating tofu. And, while we're at it...
  • Sodaboy encourages killing animals. In this very subforum, Sodaboy pleads with the community to find someone else who "appreciates steak." I'm not sure I'm comfortable with someone who's so brazen about killing animals; again, contrast Tofuman, whose very username promotes an ethical alternative to eating meat.
  • Sodaboy is an anime nerd. As everyone has seen in the past, Sodaboy has used various images of silly Japanese cartoon characters as his forum avatars. This, in addition with him keeping a game like PSO around for so long, clearly promotes laziness in the userbase. No productive person would ever watch anime or play PSO.
  • Sodaboy likes memes. Sodaboy's current forum status is "here come dat boi!!", which showcases a shameless admiration for meme culture. As we all know, memes are horrible and their usage should never be encouraged.
  • Sodaboy is a FOOL. Sodaboy's current user title is "愚人", which directly translates to "fool." Since I'm not an anime nerd, I had to consult one of my anime nerd associates to get this tidbit of information. If Sodaboy denies being a fool, then perhaps this title is a hidden message that symbolizes how he's fooling us all.
I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of Sodaboy or Ephinea, so I felt compelled to write this up. Things around here clearly aren't what they seem.

ily sodabuoy pls no ban <3


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I agree with everything you've stated in this powerful and educational message. Minus the anime nerd part. I do like anime, but I'm not CRAZY ABOUT IT! Though, right now, I get super hype every Saturday for new episodes of Shokugeki no Soma.


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I agree with this post, so will give Sodaboy a temporary ban so he learns his lessons.

(Let's see if I can do this...)

edit: T_T



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What is your military ID number! My cousin is in the army! Let's see if you ever served a day in your life! Prove it to me! DOn't just show me some random picture and say it's you! What is your ID number so I can see if you ever served!

The Gulf War ended in 1991, not started!

Nekos were not even big in 1995 and did not exist in the US because we didn't have many anime at all back in 1995 in the US! We did not get licensed for most anime until Toonami came out! So, you would have not even known what a neko was, seeing as there were no anime downloads in 1995! Yes anime started many many years ago and I know about the days of black and white anime, but to you lying saying that you have used mew since your stroke is a lie!

You served nothing! Prove it to us!
1. Don't Have to Prove to YOU or Anyone anything!
2. Not giving ANY kinda ID# or any crap.
3. Mews purrsona is her own and never based on ANY anime. Why the $%#@ is this even an issue?
4. "mew" had started on Dreamcast PSO back in 2000....the stroke was 5 years old then.

Seriously, stop wasting space and energy on trolling. All mews ever done for anyone was try to be a positive entity for the online community these past 15+ years of PSOing or are u gonna claim that as a lie too? lol. You are obviously hurt from some past ordeal online and taking it out on mew. Not gonna happen.

Mews anonymity IRL is hers alone to cherish.
1988-1992 mew was an Air Force 45254B F-16 crew chief and left as a Staff Sergeant Homestead AFB
1992-1995 Army 16-T Patriot missile crewman later reassigned to the 2nd battalion 7th ADA regiment HHB Battle Readiness Center Ft Bliss El Paso

But, tell you what, if it will get you to stop slandering's a compromise.... mews Veterans ID...Note the "SERVICE CONNECTED" as proof her stroke was result of active military service and awarded all rights and privies thereof!
Can we get back to our lives now plz? X3!


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It's okay Mew, the scary guy is gone now.

He pulled the same shit on everyone, you tried to help him but it was always treating him like a child, bullying and insulting him, apparently. It's no wonder he gets banned from everywhere, like he so claims.

But seriously, topic-on from now on. I just figured I'd mention here that the guy is banned so we can promptly forget about him.

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For Soda-samas, Sorry for allowing this to turn into a drama page! It's just when ppl act the fool and demand proof and you're forced to slap them around... you still feel influenced by them somehow... it be like... "Dance puppets! Dance!...."
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