1. EvilUpholsterer

    A> SoF (-5/0/0/-5)

    Reserve: 1x Trap Vision Countdown: 24 hours idk, just buy it okay.
  2. Argajag

    A> Slicer of Fanatic [0/0/0/0|45] (DONE)

    Hi I'm JC! I hope you've had a nice holiday season! I'm auctioning off this thing, it's OK I guess but I don't really need it myself and it's worth some PDs apparently? As you can see, the item is in pristine condition! Imagine, it could be yours! The projectiles from this fine piece of...


  4. honeydrew

    [closed] A>bunch of old summer badges

    824 bronze, 131 silver, 45 gold 60h weps still a possibility bois ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) starting bid is 130pds CHB: Jbangalangalangalangala 130pds
  5. honeydrew

    -5h thread [closed, may eventually make new thread but thanks yall]

    helo i collect these aim is to get every special wep in the game with -5h clean and as many S-Tiers as possible **note: under current site format, no more than 50 images can be displayed in one post** if you have a C-Tier that i dont have posted at all, pls giv if you have a B-Tier that i...
  6. Ryan


    I think this one has been a long time coming. We all appreciate Ephinea and the hard work that Sodaboy puts into keeping PSO a fresh and interesting experience, but I believe that I've uncovered evidence that discards the façade that he's worked so hard to keep up. Keep your seatbelts on...


  8. Yueru

    Yueru's Shitlist {Updated 4/8/17}

    I know that a lot of my items are garbage If you would like to purchase any items please let me know which one and your in game name! Also, if the item's price is not listed it is free! Thank you! Weapons: RA Weapons: HU Weapons: FO weapons: Armor: Frames: Shields: Units...
  9. Andy

    Andy's Item, Mag, & Unseal Shop! Making Ragol Great Again!

    * * * MAKING RAGOL GREAT AGAIN, ONE INAUGURATION AT A TIME! * * * Welcome to Andy's Warehouse! We have a HUUUGE selection of items! We've made unseal requests great again! Competitive mag manufacturing for both normal mode and hardcore! NOW ACCEPTING EGGS + BADGES CONVERSION RATES FOR...