Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread


Noblewine said:
Made a trade for Cross Scar for a S-Parts ver2.01 the other night.
Lol, the real question is who's the other guy that hasn't appeared to confirm this trade's occurrence?
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Kevdo said:
He's the one that got the S.Parts in that trade. You shouldn't get so excited to poop on someone's day, lol.
He didn't, I know who got the S-Parts.


falkenjeff said:
Matt said:
Don't get hit then, or don't be so weak. (you have 20 Freeze Traps and 20 Confuse Traps as HUcast by like level 120 -- more than enough)

Also, I was not talking about RAcast. I was talking about HUcast. He is stronger than HUmar and HUnewearl so he will kill Falz faster than them, where 10 Dimates, 10 Trimates and 10 Star Atomizers are more than enough (especially if you have the level 21 Zalure from S-Ranks).

10 Star Atomizers =x.

RIP your meseta.
Meseta is easy to farm. But, if meseta is a concern, you can always farm Star Atomizers from PW4 on Normal difficulty.

WOW... I've been hunting S-Parts for weeks, probably done 3-1 about 100 times now, then this guy just trades it away for a Cross Scar... FML

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id totally throw the guy/gal who received the cross scars a pd :p i no its not much but itll help ;) ... i personally kill all those dam bots when i see them jus outta spite! not sure why they didnt turn their arms into a wep i could have :( oh sega ill never understand you


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I haven't dedicated an obsessive amount of time to this game since I started several weeks ago... That's an accomplishment, right?


Not sure how many Forest of Sorrow runs I've done but I've obtained:

7 levels
0 torrs
0 pds
2 elysions
5 box rares

I have never seen so many box rares o_O

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Made a game named "Lucky ttf :)" n got a god/mind from nar lily .my Best finds so far is the god mind which I've gotten two >_<. Oh the irony of a cast players best drops being 2x g/minds LOL


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Photon Drops aren't "rare" items, even though they have a red box. They're a common drop that has a percent chance to drop from anything.


Much to my money's disagreement, my FOneys mag is finally finished and I can now use glide. :mrgreen:


JK hate paused, busy!
I found the God/Battle I wanted. Now I can make a Purplenum to look for a V101!


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Does running through 4-5 for 40 minutes, and having the game freeze during Falz phase 2 count as an accomplishment in failure? :cry: