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    In this type of game, I generally prefer to play solo-self-found. The loot hunt, finding my own gear and getting excited when stuff I need drops is a big part of what I love. Trading kind of takes that away for me. But thanks for the clarification =)

    Supplementary question: Is there a place I can see the intended progression in episodes & difficulties, as well as the suggested levels for each area/episode/difficulty? For example, I have no idea if I should be doing ep1 normal -> ep1 hard or ep1 normal -> ep2 normal etc.
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    That's fine, Greenill is probably best for RA then. You can find frozen shooter, spread needle, v101, v502, parts of baranz in Ultimate (as well as heaven striker in ep4). No Bringers Arm but demon's raygun is basically the same.

    Difficulty is more important than episode, maybe add 5 or 10 levels for each subsequent episode at max e.g. ep1 hard: 20, ep2 hard: 25, ep4 hard:30.
    If an episode is more challenging than you'd like, play an earlier one. New difficulties for all episodes are unlocked at 20/40/80.
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    Choosing a RAmarl as a first class to play as a ranger is a great choice for solo mode game play. Here's what I like to say about playing as a RAmarl. The class has a lot of features too, but I want to mention the stats plans that are available here. In fact, let me drop a big guide on this that @GHOSTS wrote up a long time ago. I definitely feel for the players that like to play as a similar class like HUnewearl, but I don't have a way to point to a guide for the moment. No matter; I would recommend playing as a RAmarl over a HUnewearl as a starting class anyways since rangers can just sit back and shoot the monsters without having to walk up to get hit and killed occasionally once positioned well in combat. That's not to say that being a hunter is a bad idea even for beginners, but I digress.

    For a quick starter stat pack, I made a response post to show that it's not exactly a set and forget class since I consider RAmarl a sidekick class or a second string class. In other words, I think that this class needs to reset their materials more so than other classes as the levels approach Lv 200.

    Still, I wouldn't leave you hanging without other stats plans that most people use if you need second opinions or secondary stats plans to adopt after diving head first into the first link that I provided here. Click a few spoilers to click the RAmarl spoiler and click on a type of plan to get started.

    Lastly for stats plans, if you want all the stats maxed out after another materials reset for the last time, I do have this mag feeding guide to offer alongside a stats plan or two that goes with either mag mentioned in this guide, but I don't expect most players to adopt this plan due to an intense mag feeding regiment.

    One unique feature that I like about RAmarls is their ability to use divine punishment with the most damage out of all the rangers since this class has the most MST. I like to get a couple of extra levels on the side from spamming that attack in episode 4 in quests like Maximum Attack 4 Routes A,B,C or R (MA4X - X = A,B,C, or R) or Maximum Attack S (MAS4 - 4 as in Episode 4).

    Another way that I see RAmarls as a secondary class overall is that most parties that have a force, who offers the best experience in providing support techniques to the party like Lv 30 Shifta, Deband, Jellen, Zalure, Resta, Lv 7 Anti, and Lv 1 Reverser, can allow you to bring a RAmarl, who also has Lv 7 Anti by the way, even though some prefer either a RAcast or RAmar depending on what the circumstances are requiring of rangers in each party. Some hosts may like a ranger that brings more traps, so that's what RAcasts deliver while other hosts may want a dependable ranger with the best mix of ATA and ATP that isn't a cast and that can bring weapons with demons special attacks, which don't work on bosses by the way, like either a RAmar or RAmarl. It's a good thing that RAmarls still have something to contribute in multiplayer situations in such cases.
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    Thanks a lot for the detailed information, I'm taking a closer look at all the linked materials now, and it looks really helpful =)
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    I've been playing a little of everything, and have some newbie problems with every class I was wondering about.

    My RAmarl is lvl 24 and working on hard forest/caves. She can handle most everything with a shot and sniper, but she's slow as molasses. Killing stuff takes forever, even if she's safe at range and don't have to reposition much with the knock-back in H-H-H combos. The damage is just so low compared to monster HP. What can I do to improve her? (keep in mind I'm new and playing solo self found).

    My HUnewearl has gotten stuck around level 15 in mines/ruins. Even with 2x General/HP units she gets knocked down more than I like, and I have found no combination of normal or hard attacks that I can get off in a combo without taking retaliation melee hits. She can kinda kite with a slicer, but it's very slow progressing. What am I doing wrong?
    Edit: Experimented a little more with her, and changing main loadout to mechgun+gigush seems to have made a world of difference (plus going back for a level or two).

    Curiously, my FOnewearl is flying at level 26 hard forest/caves. Her damage output far exceeds the others, and being fragile isn't much of a problem at this stage (since she's ranged and the other characters feel almost as fragile anyway). Honestly she doesn't have any problems yet, I'm just mostly worried that her brick wall is a little further ahead, and it's better to invest in a recommended starter character before I hit it. At what point can I expect her to really struggle as a newbie's first solo self-found character?

    Also, in general, what should I be doing for XP and gear starting out? I've just been playing EP1 areas, and mostly stayed away from bosses because they are so slow and tedious at this stage (except for the FO, she can one-cycle hard dragon already). Are there any quests/missions I should be doing at this stage? Best to focus on ep1 for leveling, or?

    Appreciate any input, there's a lot of helpful guides here, but most of it assumes you're further and more familiar with the game than I am yet ^_^
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    The simplest answer is to find better equipment especially by buying a Lv 200 Mag since that can boost your ATP and ATA well enough to let you get more EXP faster. But what starter equipment will help you get through this grind more quickly is what needs to be addressed. Some X/Battle unit like God/Battle or Heavenly/Battle can let you attack faster per attack. As for getting past the knock down problem, you're on the right track by using General/HP units, but consider buying Heavenly/HP units. I think that buying HP materials can help too, but it's more expensive for you at this point since you have more than one chatracter. I could also advise to get Heavenly/Power and Heavenly/Arm too, but I think your mag has your back on that for now. Maybe when you're in ultimate mode, will you need a lot more support in requiring more ATP and ATA, but I am going ahead of myself here.

    As for getting better weapons, you can buy some yellow photon weapons with charge specials like Charge Arms, Charge Vulcan, Charge Partisan, Charge Ripper, Charge Laser, Charge Raygun, and Charge Slicer. They should be available for 1 Photon Drop (PD) for the kinds that have 50 Hit. What about your FOnewearl though? I would look for items that boost her techniques' effectiveness, so I'll leave this reference for now since this post is already too long as it is.

    If you insist on going at this grind by yourself, you may be better suited for quests with large amounts of enemies, which can help you find more useful items like grinders, materials, scape dolls, and even technique disks since bosses do take up some time. However, if you take my advice on getting some better equipment, the bosses will be much easier to defeat as you level up too.

    So what special quests do I have in mind then? I would like to recommend Rescue from Ragol because it is suited for players that want a lot of monsters to kill that are in the easiest parts of the game, namely Episode 1 Forest and Cave with the Dragon boss. It's also a custom quest that SEGA didn't develop, so expect this to be different than what SEGA anticipates players to run into. Some warnings that I need to mention though are that there are some traps that may instantly kill you in the quest, so bring some scape dolls. Another issue with this monster heavy quest is that you do have to bring scape dolls to stay in the quest; otherwise, you fail to complete the quest since the quest does not allow players to pipe back and forth to Ragol and Pioneer 2. Once you're in Ragol, you stay in Ragol until you complete the quest. In short, this quest has a few predictable pitfalls, but memorizing them shouldn't take more than 5 attempts to get the idea where to be in combat. I do want to spoil one aspect of the quest though, if you start in the first room of Cave 1, turn left and running into the empty doorway. It's not going to block you from entering even though there is no green door there. Just make sure to have a menu on your screen up because there are traps there to hit you if you slow down as you pass through the invisible corridor. Press the switch to skip the first room with monsters in Cave 1, and pass through the next green door.

    I can keep recommending more quests, but I'll leave this link for you to explore more quests. I guess I can point you towards doing more quests in the side story if you want to at least do this, "this, and this" with this video for "this, and this" mentioned since you're going to be busy for awhile. I should explain what "all this" is, but I'll say that completing those tasks will help you out later in the game when you're ready to do something like add %'s to some attribute on a weapon, adding a special attack to an ES weapon, and adding Hit to weapons that are made from monster parts.

    Oops, I meant to keep this short, but that didn't happen. Somehow, I remembered this clip when I read the question. No harm intended, but I thought it was humorous to link this too while I was writing this up. Enjoy.

    Edit: I forgot to say that using a Ranger Wall for the RAmarl can help too since it adds 20 more ATA on top of your base ATA (ATA on the right) by adding it to the overall ATA (ATA on the left).
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    Thanks again for the very detailed response, it really helps a lot =)
    I should mention that the reason my HU and FO has gotten some more playtime is because I was following the nice RAmarl guide you linked, and am now feeding a mag to make the Sato mentioned. And at the current stage, it needs a HU or FO to do the feeding. I have been having fun with them though, so I may remain indecisive for a while :D

    I see S-Ranks are mentioned pretty frequently around here, even in your links. When is it realistic for a newbie like me to earn an S-Rank in challenge mode? The wiki simply says "clearing the Episode under 7 hours or 5 hours, depending on if you're playing Episode 1 or Episode 2, respectively." But I have no idea how difficult that is, since I doubt we're talking about clearing EP1 in One-Person normal :p

    I'm trying to keep things self-found. But maybe I'll give in and trade some of my PDs for a Heavenly/Battle just because the animation speed up will make it more fun to play while still leaving lots of room to find my own upgrades.

    Seems I'll need Photon Crystals for many of these things too, so maybe I should look into playing EP4 for xp?

    Also, charge weapons seem very popular, but is it affordable for newbies like me to use meseta as ammo? I've got barely a 100k to my name, and my mag is hungry while my FO has a drinking problem.

    Thanks once more, I greatly appreciate it!
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    you can't clear challenge mode on your own, some switches etc. require more then 1 player, also the time limit isn't possible to get the actual srank on your own? (could log multiple clients, but i never tried to solo cm so i cant tell, if it would work, most likely not).
    In ephinea discord is a channel for challenge mode, could search there or just make a game with the stage you want to play, but its recommended to go into your first challenge mode sessions with experienced player (in hope to fail avoiding stages and wasted time, cant die there = game over, need scapes in case).
    Theres something special about es-rank weapons, they come with out special and its really expensive to add them (but totally worth it!) but let yourself instruct before you add, before you waste pds (some special/weapons combinations won't work well).
    Meseta is usually no problem, just collect armors from the ground and cash them in (i dislike to tekk weapons, takes too much time).

    Welcome to ephinea btw, there was something like ironmen mode for ashort time around, think you would have liked it (selffound only etc, purist mode = disables all boost, but it died really fast for reasons).
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    I don't consider challenge mode to be difficult myself since I have earned most of them with the exception of a very special offer that I have received. I would suggest that you look into coordinating with other players in the #challenge-mode channel in the Ephinea Discord server since some of us can accommodate to your schedule because that's the most difficult part of challenge mode in my opinion. All the actual strategies and game mechanics that are exclusive to challenge are really basic rote memorization, so I don't think it's hard to excel at this type of game mode after a few trials.

    Which reminds me: Getting the PD's directly from playing the game is always more difficult than trading items with other players in my opinion. Another way of saying it is that it is more likely that someone will obtain an ES weapon than it is for the same person to obtain the PD's from playing the game without selling those ES weapons because players can more easily print ES weapons than PD's in a short span of time after completing their training in challenge mode.

    Some experienced players can start with nothing on day one of playing on any server that has a functioning challenge mode feature and make a lot of PD's from having other players that don't want to play that type of game. I think that challenge mode is kind of brain-dead once you pass through the hoops. I was able to do Episode 2 without even prepping so much as having a laptop next to my monitor where I can just look at it and still make it in time to get the ES weapons every time none of the people that I play with ever lost connection. I have some videos of my first attempts at it too since I was feeling excited at the time. I admit that I do use tofuman's palette manager to hotkey in my preferred palettes, so that's a time-saver when doing these sorts of runs, and I did bring an extra account to take some items and then have them back out of the game so that the rest of the party can have more items to get through the maps more comfortably via multiclienting.

    As for guides, I didn't really read many guides myself, I just use my own experience and some maps to get started along the way. The maps for seabed are over here though. I have done more episode 2 runs lately because the weapons are cool, but I used to do episode 1 runs, which reminds me to get back to doing that again after the Easter Event is over.

    If you want more meseta in less time, you can use this handy guide for now, and I should mention that playing the game in one person mode for episode 4 yields the same amount of experience as one would gain in playing with others in multiplayer mode, which is why you see me spamming divine punishment attack in that video that I linked to you earlier. Which reminds me, I'm over three quarters of an hour behind on that, so I'll be back to doing that now.

    Edit: If you want some advice on what specials to add to ES weapons, @Spuz has contributed to giving that advice over here.
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    If someone could please settle an issue for me...

    Damage increases at low-HP (Scar, Excal, micellaneous 'zerks, or otherwise): Real or Myth?

    I've just gone through every single "General" post containing "Berserk", and I've seen neither hide nor hare of any such mechanic (except for one post from 4 years ago, which was somewhat ambiguously worded), but some people I've played with swear up and down it's a real thing.
  11. GHOSTS

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    No. The amount of damage does not change for weapons with the Berserk special when your HP is lower.

    Dark Flow's special attack will fire out five waves, each doing the same damage as a normal swing would, when your HP is 12.5% or less. It does not drain HP for this attack, though.
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    Thanks. Follow-up (kind of a tangent): Have any of the other "big" servers actually implemented such a thing, that might be contributing to the confusion?
  13. Aleron Ives

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    No. PSO item descriptions are full of lies. Get used it.
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    Cannon Rouge's is hilarious. I wonder if they even knew it was supposed to be a bazooka.
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    Are 3rd Anniversary Badges good for anything anymore, I should I chuck em?
  16. brionac

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    If you have say 3, 6, 9, etc. of any kind of 3rd Anniversary Badge, you can still trade those in for 1, 2, 3, etc. of the 4th Anniversary Badges for the same kind of metallic badges at the Badge shop quest in Episode 1 under the shop quests category; for example, 3 3rd Anniversary Bronze/Silver/Gold Badges = 1 4th Anniversary Bronze/Silver/Gold Badge is still available until the 5th Anniversary event occurs. I doubt that this rule applies for the Platinum kind of badges.
  17. EvilUpholsterer

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    How the heck do I use DF? I was playing around in Sandbox for fun and realised that it's not as easy as it looks. How do I aim and actually do damage?

    Edit: I'm assuming it all has to do with using Smartlink, after reading some posts about DF.
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    When below 1/8 HP the special attack will blast 5 waves, if you are close to an enemy enough, all the waves will stack on that enemy. The wiki has this descripted.
  19. EvilUpholsterer

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    I know that part of it, but when none of the waves seem to hit when I use the special attack. And I don't mean that they miss, they literally don't hit.
  20. Jbangalanga

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    If you are right next to an enemy and swing all waves will hit it.

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