Question about Hunters Boost Road


This Hunters Boost Road sounds awesome! I've read the posting about it and I want to try it, but I can't figure out how to tell which five quests are part of it.
I am not seeing that woman mentioned in the announcement posting "Lilith", so I'm wondering if she'd tell me the names of the quests to do when I find her. She wasn't in the hunters guild as mentioned in the post.

Anyone know how this works?



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Type in /hbr in game and it will show you which quests and how many points you accumulated

This month, it's
-East Tower
-West Tower
-Phantasmal World 4
Basically SJS season


Oh. I saw that when I did the /hbr command and assumed that they were the names of teams or something. Like - The folks from the East Tower have 0 points so far, or something.
I haven't seen any quests by any of those names so I'm guessing they aren't available in episode 1 or I haven't unlocked them yet. I heard that some quests require you to do other quests first before they'll show up.

Is that it?


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She only appears in the multiplayer Hunter's Guild, not One Player.

The current Towers are multiplayer Episode 2 quests -- all HBRs will be multiplayer quests only.


Thanks for the help!
I'll have to wait until I know what I do before I try to group up. I wouldn't want to bring anyone's group down with my noobish behavior. (Even though I played DC PSO years ago, I've forgotten just about everything)