Potential Graphics / Sound problem


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Ok so, upon launching the game (either in windowed mode OR fullscreen), the sound clips out on the main menu abit, and upon creating a new character, the cutscene / intro is black (sound of it works, just no image).

Also side note / question: if i were to use a graphics control panel to overide which card it uses (since me pc has 2 graphics cards), what program do i override, the desktop thingy / online.exe?


The first, has pretty much always happened to me, sound being all glitchy.

You want to override psobb.exe.


Is not weebles.
Well for me laptop, i have a built in Intel HD graphics card, but it stinks.
So i try to make programs use my slightly better Nvidia one.


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Target psobb.exe in your PSO folder.

The intro music generally happens if you aren't in classic fullscreen (and from what I understand, always if you don't use XP/Vista/7.) Nothing bad should happen though. The intro cutting out I'm not really sure, but the BB intro sucks anyway, so just watch this one.

And generally every player should enable Anisotropic Filtering because it will fix some graphical glitches that only happen in Window mode on top of looking nicer. It's also not expensive so even toasters should be able to manage it...........probably...


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some laptops will refuse to use the 2nd video card on the LCD. however if you connect a monitor to the HDMI/DVI/VGA port of the laptop that would use the 2nd (better) video card. Kinda sucks but it is what it is.