1. Luminati

    Luminati's PSO-RayTracing (Profile and Guide) under development

    Hello friends! I have dialed in the ray tracing settings for this game a lot, standing on the shoulders of everyone else. Watch video//click video links for details, but 2.2 is done 0:00 - 10:50 : Shader settings v2.2 Showcase 10:51 -...
  2. HudsonPH

    Graphics settings suggestions

    So, first of all, I'm new to this game. I know it's an older game so I have high expectations that my computer will be able to run it quite well, but I'm still unsure. I currently have it set on slightly higher setting than default, but I'd like some suggestions for best performance. I have a...
  3. ZabaZu

    ReShade for PSOBB (Optional Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination)

    What Is This? This specifically is a modified ReShade .dll that can keep depth buffer access in multiplayer games, along with a couple presets I made. As for what ReShade is generally, it's a post processing injector similar to ENB, except it works generically in just about any game. It can't...
  4. ZabaZu

    ReShade for PSOBB

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and server (loving it so far). I made a ReShade preset for PSOBB, which has an extensive post on the Ultima forums, so if it's allowed (didn't see it in the rules), here's a link to that post...
  5. fare67t

    Potential Graphics / Sound problem

    Ok so, upon launching the game (either in windowed mode OR fullscreen), the sound clips out on the main menu abit, and upon creating a new character, the cutscene / intro is black (sound of it works, just no image). Also side note / question: if i were to use a graphics control panel to overide...