1. richarddavis

    Rare Drop Noise On SE

    Hey mates. I didn't know until today, but the rare drop noise is only present on BGM sound. This means that you can't hear a rare drop unless you have BGM turned up. I (and I'm sure many of you) play without BGM, generally, because I play my own music in the background and it conflicts with the...
  2. DerpaTheDerpy

    Sound problems

    The title menu music will work but once in the game the sound cuts out completely. If I stand still for long enough it comes back sometimes, but quits again if I move. I need help!
  3. fare67t

    Potential Graphics / Sound problem

    Ok so, upon launching the game (either in windowed mode OR fullscreen), the sound clips out on the main menu abit, and upon creating a new character, the cutscene / intro is black (sound of it works, just no image). Also side note / question: if i were to use a graphics control panel to overide...
  4. Spuz

    RAcast feet.

    This sound is so loud, If you dislike it check out comment 4 by @Soly . He has posted the file to replace the sound with normal footsteps.
  5. M

    Is it possible to have sound if the client is in the background?

    When I put the client into the background, e.g., when looking something up in a browser, I no longer hear any sound from the game. Is it possible to enable sound even if the client is in the background? This would be useful to hear PM notification sounds, the little sound if chat bubbles come...