PC> Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/30/30


Didn't know what I found until someone in the game congratulated me. Wondering what it's worth. Thanks in advance. Looking to sell for sure


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Ok first things first this thread is not an accurate portrayal of its value

I know someone is gonna bring it up but that's just 2 people making Ade's day

If it had n, ab, or both I would easily say 50+ and that could easily creep up to 100+ if it had both on an auction. Rarely see CRs with n/ab though so I could be wrong

Since it has dark though I would probably put it at 30-60+ judging by the past few auctions

Interest on these seems to be a hit or miss in terms of the number of bids

Thanks for the info. I've never done an auction. Do I have to have a starting price. Also, if I get really low offers can I refuse?
Yes you have to set an initial reserve that is essentially the lowest you would sell the item in the situation where there is only one bid. I would suggest a 25-30 res
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