Normal Mode Offers


This is a thread that will be updated as necessary to show what I like to buy and sell directly in normal mode. Please see my signature to click my first link to find me. To see my hardcore offers, click here. As I attempt to indicate in each line, the left side is what I offer, and the right side is what I receive.

1 HC PD for 2 NM PD's

Team Points 1000 x3 - 10 PD's per unit (100 Team Points : 1 Photon Drop)
Lavis Cannon [0/0/25/0|0] - 15 PD's
Smartlink - 3 PD's
ES LAUNCHER "BERSERK" +180 [Berserk] - 75 PD's (Yes, it has the special included.)
Photon Sphere - Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|25]
Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|25] - Photon Hoard

Last Swan - 10 PD's
Liberta Kit - 20 PD's
ES MECHGUN "MAGICAL" [No Special] - 20 PD's
V501 - 5 PD's
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S > Photon Sphere for Photon Hoard (99 PD's)

I changed the offer from Photon Sphere to Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|25]:

S > Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|25] for Photon Hoard (99 PD's)

Don't buy Ender's overpriced Heaven Striker when I can give you the best offer to sphere this one just the way you like it!

Order Now! SOLD!!!
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Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|25] for PH (99 PD's)

I ll buy it :)
waiting for your reply TY

I have bad news @Vitarealize, I picked up another buyer that caught my attention beforehand. I recommend that you reach sellers on Discord first to get the next deal of the century arranged in your favor.

Cheers to all who participated in helping me flip a photon sphere into a photon hoard; the offers were great while they lasted.

Back to pitching this thread for smaller things like my spare Last Swan.