last swan

  1. EvilUpholsterer

    B> Last Swan / Master Raven @ 5 PDs

    One or the other. Probably not both currently but maybe. Message me if you have either, and are looking to sell them for less than they are worth. Thank you all! They are for my HUcaseal by the way, so if you are a HUcaseal fan, why not help me achieve my dream? Also willing to trade stuff, if...
  2. brionac

    Normal Mode Offers

    This is a thread that will be updated as necessary to show what I like to buy and sell directly in normal mode. Please see my signature to click my first link to find me. To see my hardcore offers, click here. As I attempt to indicate in each line, the left side is what I offer, and the right...
  3. Keyest

    B> Last Swan

    Hi, I want to buy a Last Swan for 5 PD's. :)