Name change


Okay so I goofed up. I was looking through the command list and decided to see if the /modname command worked. I guess now you can call me 'test'. Is there any way I can revert it or is it permanent now?

I goofed it. ;-;
It's permanent but honestly, after thinking about it I'm not so sure why we made /modname and /modsecid one-time only under level 20, it would make more sense if it's unlimited before 20, but after that you just can't use it at all.

Best thing to do for now would be to remake (since I assume you're still under 20); should be able to get back up to where you were pretty fast. For the record I can't change it directly. :P
I thought that was the case, worth a shot though haha. thanks. Would I have to start a whole new character and transfer stuff over?
Store your goodies in the shared bank, then transfer them over to the new character.