1. Scrungo

    My name shows up in yellow? probably not a bug but i didnt know where i should post this

    so my name is in yellow, and all my friends names come up in White, and it bugs me SO much, i dont know why its like that, so i really wanna know why it does that. thank you so much! (also sorry if this isnt the right place to post it since im not sure its a bug, feel free to move it if you...
  2. R

    Name change possible after lvl 20?

    So my brother changed his character name at lvl 19. When you're changing a character name, it's done through the command line, so there isn't a character limit. It also doesn't have any feedback for names which are too long. Unfortunately, he counted incorrectly and ended up with a name he's...
  3. Zen

    Infinite /modname (more or less)

    Hello world. I would like to suggest more chances at /modname (without influencing the section ID) because of how much time you can put into a char before realizing its name sucks. Or simply because you like to change its outfit and match a name with it. Or you just change your mind every now...
  4. Dalamus

    Name change

    Okay so I goofed up. I was looking through the command list and decided to see if the /modname command worked. I guess now you can call me 'test'. Is there any way I can revert it or is it permanent now? I goofed it. ;-;