Mag feeding problem


Hi all,

So I'm sitting here trying to DEX up my Madhu so I started to feed him some antidotes, which should raise POW and lower MIND, and antiparalysis, which should do the opposite. Problem is, they aren't lowering their respective stats which means eventually I'm going to end up raising one or both of them, screwing up my build. Am I just misreading the guides or is something else wrong here?
That sounds really odd. Is your mag really a Madhu? Try banking it and taking it out again. What level is it?
Sorry. I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Just banked and took it back out. Madhu lv. 91. Stats are 5/50/36/0. I'll try feeding it again when I get the chance.

First feeding was problematic but the second and third worked like they were supposed to. I'm baffled. I guess I'd consider this problem solved. I wonder if the bars were too low to register such a massive drop? It's supposed to be -15 each.

Thanks for all the help anyway. If you know why the mags are behaving this way, please feel free to share with me.
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I think (if this is still accurate, but I think the wikia stuff is decent cos it never let me down on mags yet) it might be because when mags reduce the stats, it doesn't actually go to zero i.e. if your Madhu only had 6/100 for Pow, but you gave it an antiparalysis that should minus 15 normally but it can't...or something like that.

If it keeps increasing, you may want to double check if it's a Madhu or not...and if it is, I guess you can edit the wikia above :D
I wonder if the bars were too low to register such a massive drop? It's supposed to be -15 each.
That is indeed how it works. If the bar has 1-14 points in it, a reduction of 15 has no effect. Stats only go down if the bar is filled far enough for the subtraction to take place without causing a negative result, since Mags can't "level down".