1. Detourist

    Evolved to Sumba on RAmar!?

    So I've been working on building a 15/100/35/50 Bhima to max out my RAmar at lv 200 (-9 Evade). As I always liked to do when I was playing on Schthack and Ultima, I got the mag to lv 10 on a FO to get the Leilla pb for a touch of individuality, BUT here's where the unexpected problem occured...
  2. Schmoo

    Mag feeding problem

    Hi all, So I'm sitting here trying to DEX up my Madhu so I started to feed him some antidotes, which should raise POW and lower MIND, and antiparalysis, which should do the opposite. Problem is, they aren't lowering their respective stats which means eventually I'm going to end up raising one...