Happy Kitteh! <3

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THANK YOU ALL for the Happy Birthday wishes from mews Blessed PSO Family! Your mew mew spent most her day indoors from odd weather and napped most of it away. For any who might've missed mews Bday, She's sure there were prolly a few who were like..."Oh, it's mews Bday? Happy Birthday Crazy cat lady!" XD! Anywho....THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! Your mew LOVES and ADORES YOU ALL!!! <3!
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It's your birthday? That's cool. Hope you enjoy your birthday you crazy pouncing cat-lady!

EDIT: I kinda feel this post is kinda empty so hope you don't die this year and keep on pouncing!
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The Empress
Good thing I knew of your birthday since last year. I remember sending people your way in scht forums to wish you happy birthday as I was not able to for whatever reason. So glad I finally got to wish it to you. Hope to celebrate many more together!


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