Favorite Period of PSO?


Just curious, but what is everyone else's favorite "era" of PSO (ie DC, GC/XBOX, PSO BB, Post Official Servers)? Which has brought you the fondest memories?


The Gamecube was what got me into it.
Only realized how bad I was at the game when I joined a private server lol
Either way, were fun times


psobb was the best back in beta. when i had all the items before the game came out and was level 200 LOL.

But before that dreamcast because i was the first person to figure out NOL. I had a whale of a time!! :mrgreen:

On dreamcast it was like a art to make codes like me for example i made codes without even seeing the memory.... lol

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Deff GameCube days, me and 3 friends meeting up every weekend, pulling couches together grabing sum DR pepper n our trusty wave birds =P all played offline only as a 4man grp. Great times


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2006-2009 EN PSU and 2009-2012 JP PSU. Still miss that damn game. Although 2005-2006 PSO GC and 2006-2008 PSO BB on SCHT was pretty cool too. You know, before everything turned to shit.


I played the gamecube version at a friends party when I was in middle school. Later I played a lot of psu on the ps2/pc server and after it shut down I downloaded the game and played shtacks then came to here.


Hated dreamcast. one of my characters got hacked first week in. As a result, I'd have to say gamecube. On Friday nights, I would grab my infamous bag of Doritos and tear that game apart. Sadly, the game was too easy compared to dreamcast and; eventually, my buddy playing the game thought he was god or something. (I think it became too boring for him. Highest Ending character levels 123, 117, 96, 34)


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It's a toss up between Dreamcast v2 and Xbox PSO for me. 100+ players just playing Battle Mode? Yes please.


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This one.


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PSO was my favorite game on the Gamecube, and I kept going crazy with it long after all my friends moved on to other things. I think it was my second true video game addiction, and I guess it's just fate that I'm back in it now. I never played any other version of it, and I never even got to play Blue Burst until I played on the Schthack server for a few months maybe 4-5 years ago. Despite my lengthy hiatuses (hiati?) from this game, I never, ever stopped listening to the music. I just went nuts trying to hunt it down, and it's been in my library ever since I've had my own computer.


DEF them GC days before dupes flooded the place. only time i played live, it was awesome.