Episode 1/4 Drop Rework

Discussion in 'Ephinea Suggestions' started by Matt, Aug 12, 2018.

Do you agree with the rework?

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  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Disclaimer: As always, nothing will go ahead unless 75%+ of the community vote for it.

    Hi guys, we're back again with a proposed rework for the drop tables. Some users have been discussing the Episode 1 drop tables, and the lack of incentive to play Episode 1 in comparison to the other two Episodes, so we'd like to suggest one final revamp.

    In order to make Episode 1 more attractive, we'd plan to (once again) take away some items from Episode 4 and place them uniquely in Episode 1 areas, especially Mines, to make those areas required to run and also worthwhile to run.

    Here are some examples of what the rework may entail (please note that nothing is final, there also may be more or less):
    • V101 removed from Episode 4, most likely placed in Mines on 4 IDs.
    • Swordsman Lore removed from Episode 2 and Episode 4, most likely placed in Ruins on 2-3 IDs.
    • Lame d'Argent on Viridia would move away from the Eclair and somewhere into Episode 1, making Lame d'Argent an all episode drop.
    • Heavenly/Units would be scattered across all episodes like the God/Units, instead of being majority Episode 4.
    • Probably add some Smartlink drops.
    • Nothing iconic would move. Purplenum Psycho Wand, Torr Frozen Shooter, Spread Needle placements -- all untouched.
    If you have any thoughts, please don't hesitate to post below. Please note that posts attacking other players for their thoughts or decisions will not be tolerated.

    The poll will run to the end of the Anniversary Event (3rd September). You will be able to change your ID if that goes through, just once though.
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  2. Maverick

    Maverick Member

    Would we be able to change our IDs if this goes through?
  3. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Ah right, yes there would be one ID change.

    Not going to do the week of infinite like before though.
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  4. Ryan

    Ryan Casual GM Staff Member

    Guildcard 2:
    It's the "appealing to the masses instead of the informed minority" agenda again!

    (I voted yes, this post is a joke)

    While you're at it, might as well bring E4 solo EXP down ;)
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  5. Yuffie

    Yuffie Member

    isnt smartlink already worthless?xd
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  6. Jbangalanga

    Jbangalanga Member

    Spread needle drop outside of ruins would be nice.
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  7. Chronos Notashi

    Chronos Notashi Member

    United States
    Possibly, but hey. They're adding more areas where it'll be available, and we won't be able to take any we ALREADY have with us if/when we get another PSO Seasons. So overall, I'm not complaining.

    Matt already said in the first post that that's one of the items that won't be moved.
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  8. Jbangalanga

    Jbangalanga Member

    Ah missed that. Disregard then.
  9. honeydrew

    honeydrew Mom

    Roseville, MI
    voting in favor strictly because i want ID changes
  10. Ketchupgeek

    Ketchupgeek Member

    If this passes, I for one would like to see some of the duplicate items dropped in the same area on the same ID swapped out for something else. For example these items appear more than once on Ep1 drop tables (feel free to add if I missed any):

    Skyly forest: dragon slayer-2 times
    Oran forest: cross scar- 3 times

    Viridian caves: final impact- 2 times
    Green caves: justy- 2 times
    Blue caves: gae bolg- 2 times
    Pink caves: storm wand- 3 times
    Oran caves: dragon slayer- 2 times

    Skyly mines: justy- 2 times
    Oran mines: cross scar- 2 times

    These slots would be viable and surely welcome candidates for various heavenly/units to appear or whatever else deemed necessary. Re-balancing sounds sweet, since episode 1 is the iconic one, that most people start on. I would love to see it get a shot in the arm and people run it more often.
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  11. Virtues

    Virtues Member

    Having god and heavenly units in the same episodes is kind of a bummer. What do you think about moving more god units into vhard?
  12. thegmk

    thegmk Thegmk#5690 (Discord)

    Yeah, I think at this point, the god/units are already worth next to nothing, and would be really nice additions for people newer to the game / seasonal (if another should occur).
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  13. g00gly0eyes

    g00gly0eyes Member

    I think removing V101 from Zu is a bad idea, that is iconic to me. Heavenly/units in other areas is a good idea, if you remove them from Del Rappy. Del Rappies are pretty bland, since they drop the same mostly useless heavenly/units for most IDs. Maybe moving v801 to Sorcerers on some IDs would be fitting.
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  14. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    I agree V101 from Zu is a pretty iconic drop, however I feel it's a necessary evil.

    V101 being in Episode 4 with all the other good drops is one of the reasons it's so overpowered. The plan right now is that each episode will have a couple of unique units:

    Episode 1: V101/Lore
    Episode 2: V501/V502
    Episode 4: V801/Limiter

    With them being chosen to fit the episode's theme.
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  15. MrBlack

    MrBlack Member

    Yo man,
    I appreciate you doing an update like this to let us know of changes. I think its's not a bad idea since you are not changing anything too rare and its for a limited time.
    Stay classy
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  16. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    I love this and voted yes.

    All areas should have a reason to be played. Currently, there are zero iconic hunts in Mines.

    Consider adding Photon Booster and Blue Black Stone as extremely rare items, too. (This could either replace something taken away from Ep. 4 or be added to Ep. 1 to prevent having to remove from Ep. 4.)

    Please make sure Oran gets a pretty hefty boost in Ep. 1, as it's probably the weakest of all IDs by a fairly wide margin now.

    And no, I have zero Oran characters, so I don't benefit from that at all :p
  17. Detourist

    Detourist Detourist#6717

    Portland, OR
    Yes, I feel that God units deserve to be dropped only in VH and Heavenly/Centurion only in Ult.

    I'd be down for this.
  18. CTB

    CTB JK hate paused, busy!

    Chicago, Illinois
    take a wrecking ball to black paper

    Heavenly units were generally a dumb addition to the game with little thought put into them. Nobody is going to rebalance them but dropping Gods from Ult because Heavenly exists seems like a poor idea. I'm not really against the idea of adding more of them to VH though (rather I do not care.)

    And there are people online right now who haven't experienced the joy of Elf/Arm++...!
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  19. zerimaR

    zerimaR Member

    I'm biased as I like episode I (and get easily annoyed by the cheese in EP IV). And then I have incentive for an ID change also. But...mitigating factors aside...yes?
  20. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Wouldn't be a limited time if it happens. Episode 2/4 have already been adjusted if you look, this will just be in the same vein.

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