Ephinea Christmas Event 2016

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  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Ephinea's Christmas Event for 2016 has begun! This event will last from now (6/12/2016) to 9th Jan (9/1/2017).

    For the duration of this event, the quests "Christmas Fiasco" and Christmas Present drops will be making a return, similar to the event of last year, although the Presents now contain different items, some of them unique to this event.

    The Christmas Presents will be dropping from all enemies, regardless of episode, quest or difficulty (free-roam is also able to drop Presents). The Presents will contain many desired items, but it's up to the community to discover what these items are by hunting for them and posting their findings here.

    Note that presents will not drop from boxes.

    The drop rate for the presents are as follows:

    1P: 1/1500
    2P: 1/1770
    3P: 1/2088
    4P: 1/2463

    Please note that the rates are not affected by HBR or Luck boosts.

    Unlike last year, some items will be unique to their difficulty, meaning you won't be obtaining some of the junk Normal ~ Very Hard items in Ultimate anymore, although some items will be obtainable in the base difficulty and above.

    Items in red will be obtainable from the difficulty it drops in and all above (i.e. if it drops in Hard, it will also drop in Very Hard and Ultimate).

    The current findings are as follows:

    • Photon Drop
    • Photon Crystal
    • HP Material
    • TP Material
    • Samba Maracas (0/0/0/0|0)
    • Resta Merge
    • Item Ticket
    • Heart of YN-0117
    • Three Seals
    • Gibarta Merge
    • Lollipop (0/0/0/0|39)
    Very Hard
    • Hell Handgun (0/0/0/0|55)
    • Blizzard Autogun (0/0/0/0|60)
    • Charge Cannon (0/0/0/0|55)
    • Charge Sawcer (0/0/0/0|55)
    • Dress Plate
    • Wedding Dress
    • Gizonde Merge
    • Fatsia (0/0/0/0|50
    • Laconium Axe (0/0/0/0|60)
    • Supressed Gun (0/0/0/0|60)
    • Jitte (0/0/0/0|0)
    • Charge TypeSL/Slicer (0/0/0/0|25) * Please note that this weapon does not fire projectiles.
    • Gifoie Merge
    • Charge Assault (0/0/0/0|60)
    • Frozen Shooter (0/0/0/0|30)
    • Zero Divide (0/0/0/0|30)
    • Vivienne (0/0/0/0|30)
    • Asteron Belt (0/0/0/0|30)
    • Handgun: Milla (0/0/0/40|10)
    • Kunai (0/0/0/0|0)
    • Genpei
    • V101
    • Limiter
    • Syncesta
    • Amitie's Memo
    • Heart of Morolian
    • Charge TypeGU/Hand (0/0/0/0|40)
    • Charge TypeGU/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|35)
    • Charge TypeME/Mechgun (0/0/0/0|40)
    • Charge TypeSH/Shot (0/0/0/0|40)
    • Devil's TypeDS/Rod (0/0/0/0|30)
    Special (you'll know when you get one of these -- Ultimate only)
    • Heaven Striker (0/0/0/0|20)
    • Lame D'argent (0/0/0/0|20)
    • Daylight Scar (0/0/0/0|20)
    • Photon Sphere
    All items have the same rate of being found, apart from items in the Special category.

    When reporting your findings, I will fill in the difficulty for you incase it's one of the lower difficulty items.


    There's no kill counters or stretch goals in this event, everything is obtainable right now, so get hunting and find those precious items!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for playing, and Happy Holidays!
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  2. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    Thanks to Matt, Soda, Tofo, and the rest of the team for putting this on! You guys rock!

    Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

    FYI everyone: I have it on good authority that you need to KILL rappies for them to have a chance to drop a present. So don't scare them!
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  3. Esc

    Esc Ephinean

    tp material
    40h type me/mechgun with charge special
    0h kunai
  4. Cyb3r_ZER0

    Cyb3r_ZER0 Fashionista

    your closet
    @Matt I have two papers to write right now!!!
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  5. Mizalie

    Mizalie Cybervermin

    Photon Drop
    60H Charge Assault
  6. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    30H Zero Divide from Ult mode.
  7. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    lol Dam....for a sec there....thought this was a Haiku attempt XD! =3
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  8. Wimix

    Wimix Member

    Maracas mech guns all 0s Normal mode
  9. Dahayes

    Dahayes Member

    amitie's memo, heart of morolian ULT (same run)
  10. salvador55

    salvador55 Member

    Handgun Milla: 0/0/0/40/10h ult
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  11. XII

    XII stupid fat Event Team

    V101 from Ultimate
  12. Aizen

    Aizen Member

    Wait, seriously?
    EDIT: confirmed xmas present. cool cgs :D
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  13. Dab

    Dab casual elitist

    Gizonde Merge on Ult
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  14. muffinman80

    muffinman80 The Sheriff

    Raleigh, NC
    Thanks for making the event! Merry Christmas!
  15. EvilMag

    EvilMag Member

    30h frozen shooter in Ult
  16. Dab

    Dab casual elitist

    HP Mat on ult.

    Also, can confirm the troll Milla. ;o
  17. Mizalie

    Mizalie Cybervermin

    "guys i found HP on ult"
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  18. Rune

    Rune Member

  19. Vrooze

    Vrooze Member

    Found Gizonde Merge earlier in vh.
  20. Dab

    Dab casual elitist

    I was lied to?!?!?!

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