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  1. Santa HUcast

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    Christmas Event 2019
    December 17th - January 13th

    Welcome to my Christmas party, lowly fleshbags.

    I'm sure you know the drill of what to expect by now - for whatever reason, monsters all across Ragol have a chance of dropping Presents, and your quaint little "rotating boosts" have doubled effects.

    All fairly-defeated monsters have a 1/1500 chance of dropping a Present at your feet. Or at your Force's feet. Tough world.
    Yes, fairly-defeated. Rappies that you scare away with ranged attacks will not drop anything, you cowardly Ranger. Nor will boxes for that matter, so lowly techniques will not be effective in hunting presents.
    Presents have the same drop rate across Normal and One-Person mode. Because I feel merciful, those of you that do less damage than me (i.e. everyone) have the same chance of getting a present as everyone else does, so your class does not affect drop rates, either.
    Finally, Presents do not drop from boxes. Does this look like a charity to you?

    Coincidally, Christmas Fiasco is back, along with its clear rewards of coal. Collecting enough Coal will let you skip the middle man and trade for Presents, as per usual. Coal can additionally be given to the Scavenger to try your luck for some aesthetic 60 hit non-rare weapons, for those of you who prefer form over function.

    Considering how some of you fight, I'm willing to bet that list is very large.

    Unfortunately for you, I'm here to ruin everything. I lied about being Santa - I'm actually the Grinch.

    I intercepted a certain annoying Mag that thought that printing Frozen Shooters and Vjayas for an entire month was fine, and ransacked the list.
    That's not to say you won't find all those fan-favorite classics this year - they'll just be much, much harder to come by than in years past...if they're still there.

    Additionally, there's some new goodies scattered about the list. Some may be easier to find than in previous years, others may be harder. What could they be?

    Why don't you go find out by killing some monsters? Ha, ha, ha...

    Items listed with "variable" Hit will always come with at least 15% Hit, and can have upwards of 60% Hit.

    Presents dropped in Ultimate can contain the entire Common list as well as the Ultimate-exclusive list.

    Common Presents can be obtained in the event shop (Under Episode 1 > Shops) for 8 Coal.
    Ultimate Presents can be obtained for 40 Coal, but be warned that they contain the entire Common list as well as the Ultimate-exclusive list, so you can trade 40 Coal and get 1 Coal in return.

    We call it a life lesson.

    [Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Ultimate]
    Photon Drop
    Photon Drop x3
    Photon Drop x5
    Photon Crystal
    Photon Crystal x3
    Photon Crystal x5
    Coal (not in Ultimate)
    Coal x5 (not in Ultimate)
    Coal x10
    HP Material x2
    HP Material x5
    TP Material x2
    TP Material x5
    Luck Material
    Luck Material x3
    Luck Material x5
    Item Ticket
    Daisy Chain [variable hit]
    Crazy Tune [variable hit]
    Samba Maracas [variable hit]
    Toy Hammer [variable hit]
    Nice Shot [variable hit]
    Harisen Battle Fan [variable hit]
    Akiko's Cleaver [variable hit]
    Rocket Punch [variable hit]
    Le Cogneur [variable hit]
    Lollipop [variable hit]
    Flower Cane [variable hit]
    Syringe [variable hit]
    Game Magazine [variable hit]
    Heart of YN-0117

    Heart of Morolian
    Anti-Light Ring
    Hell Striker [85 hit]
    Demon's Club [85 hit]
    Charge Scepter [85 hit]
    Charge TypeGU/Hand [40 hit]
    Charge TypeGU/Mech [35 hit]
    Charge TypeME/Mech [40 hit]
    Charge TypeSH/Shot [40 hit]
    Devil's TypeDS/Rod [30 hit]
    Spirit TypeSW/J-Sword [30 hit]
    Berserk TypeKN/Claw [50 hit]
    Blizzard TypeSW/Slicer [30 Hit]
    Arrest TypeDS/Wand [30 Hit]
    Anti-Dark Ring
    Liberta Kit
    Black Paint
    Blue Paint
    Green Paint
    Purple Paint
    White Paint
    Yellow Paint
    Red Paint

    Magic Rock "Heart Key"
    Magic Stone "Iritista"

    M&A60 Vise
    Girasole [variable hit]
    Asteron Belt [variable hit]
    Shouren [variable hit]
    Sange & Yasha [variable hit]
    Musashi [variable hit]
    Guardianna [variable hit]
    Ophelie Seize [variable hit]
    Yunchang [variable hit]
    Charge Mechgun [70 Hit]
    Charge Assault [65 Hit]
    Charge Repeater [65 Hit]
    Charge Shot [65 Hit]
    Charge Spread [65 Hit]
    Hell Handgun [65 Hit]
    Arrest Handgun [65 Hit]
    Hell Autogun [65 Hit]
    Arrest Autogun [65 Hit]
    Frozen Shooter [variable hit]
    Spread Needle [variable hit]
    Tyrell's Parasol [variable hit]
    Slicer of Fanatic [variable hit]
    Lavis Cannon [variable hit]

    Photon Sphere x1
    Photon Sphere x3
    ??? x1
    Daylight Scar [variable hit]
    Lame d'Argent [30 Hit]
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  2. cameron-

    cameron- camcam Event Team

    palais d'ob
    whats in the boxes
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  3. Santa HUcast

    Santa HUcast Member

    Why don't you go and find out for yourself?
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  4. RAdolph

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    What a grinch...
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  5. Dab

    Dab pso winner

    Even the staff are making alts these days.
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  6. Santa HUcast

    Santa HUcast Member

    Who said anything about being staff? I'm just a HUcast with a festive hat.

    (Apologies again for event hiccups. A lot of unforeseen things came up. We'll get things running properly as soon as we can.)
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  7. Don't worry. No one expected you to be perfect. Quite the contrary. Still, thank you for the event updates.

    May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit wish bless us with a Heavenly/Christmas and a happy new year! God is with all of you, even if you do not believe.
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  8. Rune

    Rune Member

    Santa Hucast should be green considering how he be making like the Grinch with all the xmas gifts atm. Just saying.

    Him being the Grinch makes since n all as well considering how buff the Grinch clearly is when he leveled up enough. I mean he lifted that sleigh with all those gifts on it in the end. I don't see anyone else in that story doing that.

    Also he is the best at speed running as well. Which makes sense since he stole an entire town's xmas goodies in one night like the speed demon he is.

    Who is Max in this case though, and who is Cindy Lou Who? I wanna say Cindy is a Fonewearl cause that the easy thing to do and lord knows I'm lazy, but I guess Max can just be Tails.

    Naturally the Grinch's chest growing 3x its natural size when all the little who hunters of who pioneer 2 hold hands and sing songs anyway. Showing that it took a group to make him get to where he was in the end.

    Anyway I now wanna commission someone to draw Santa Hucast stealing xmas from all the sleeping Humar in their room. That or drink a bunch of eggnog, one of the 2.
  9. RAdolph

    RAdolph Member

    He does enjoy beating me with the blunt edge of his Soul Banish, morale has not improved yet.
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  10. Eistee

    Eistee Resident of Colony 9

    It should have been Santa Calus, tbh.

    Also: Wow, tons of presents. Looking forward to them dropping from monsters.
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  11. Spuz

    Spuz Without rain, nothing grows.

    Guildcard 2:
    If only I could quit my job and be a neet again.
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  12. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
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  13. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    Eisteeeees-Taichooouu~! <3!
  14. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    The Christmas Event is now fully in swing! It's up to you guys to figure out what's in the presents, so we'll update this list as you guys report.
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  15. Stomper

    Stomper CaliburMan

    Los Angeles Ca.
    Red Paint Ult. Present :lenny:
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  16. Zorua

    Zorua Member

    15Hit Game Magazine EP4 Ult
    1 Luck mat EP2 Ult
    1 Photon Drop EP2 Ult
    85h hell striker EP1 Ult
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  17. Edgemaster

    Edgemaster Member

    15 hit toy hammer Ult
  18. Ade

    Ade Curse Breaker

    Umm 15 hit Le Cogneur? idk spelling I already banked it
  19. Tyrko

    Tyrko Member

    25h flower cane
  20. dewdadash

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