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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Matt, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Draxxusx

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    Hello Everyone,
    New to the forum, glad to be here.
    Just got my server up and running and am having trouble with launching custom quests in the correct format.
    When I save via QEdit, the format always saves in PC Unicode. When I launch on my GC I always get FSOD. I have narrowed the format that works correctly down to being Dreamcast ASC2. Does anyone know how to save my quest files with QEdit in the correct format?

    Also, when I open “quest files” in QEdit I always get a crash, but when I open “compressed quest files” it opens flawlessly. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Aleron Ives

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    If you're running Kohle's software for GC, you must save in Kohle basic format (GC). The raw option outputs uncompressed files that only work with PSO PC when replacing the offline quests. Schthack forgot to include raw options for the other versions, but servers never use raw quests, anyway. Most BB servers would require you to save in Server Quest File (BB) format.
  3. Ender

    Ender of fun

    How do you set Dark Gunners to drop on spawn? I've tried setting their Y position to be in the air, both above and below the ceiling, and they never drop after spawning. They just stay up there, untargetable and forever casting their shadow.

    EN4 has a few that drop from the ceiling in the first two rooms, and it looks like they have parameter 2 set to 1. Mine aren't dropping with that.

    Additional things I've tried
    • Ensuring gunners are the only enemies in the spawn and the only active spawn in that room.
    • Adding a gunner that spawns on the floor with and without the parameter 2 set to 1. Looks like other quests do this?
    • Giving all the gunners in one spawn the same parameter 1 value (but it's unique in the quest for each gunner spawn)
    EDIT: NVM figured it out with help from Matt. You need to put a different gunner (skin 163) in with the same group and it'll work. This gunner is a *different* skin number from the normal dark gunner. It won't actually be an enemy in the spawn (presumably because it is responsible for a death gunner in the spawn). Silly mechanic.
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  4. Ender

    Ender of fun

    Another question. I have a few rooms I'm opening through quest script because I want the exit to open when all enemies are dead, but there can be two or more spawn waves active at once. How do I open the door through a quest script and also produce the door unlock sound?

    sw_send and unlock_door2 both unlock doors without the door unlock sound effect, whereas a map event produces the nice unlock sound. But I don't want a single map event to unlock it because then it's possible not all waves are cleared.

    I tried se 0000001F but I don't hear anything when the door opens. I'm also looking for something that works on virtually all floors.

    It looks like PW3's final room unlocks two arbitrary doors at the end of each sequence of spawns. I could probably do something like that and then there is at least a door unlock sound at the right time. Is there something else that can be done that would unlock the door and produce one door unlock sound? Or is PW3's method the only option?
  5. Aleron Ives

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    Create an event tied to a wave with no enemies in it (e.g. wave 0) that unlocks the door you want, then call that event from the script at the desired time. Since the wave has no enemies in it, it'll automatically unlock the door for you with the lovely sound effect. ;) (Yes, I've also run into this problem.)
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  6. Ender

    Ender of fun

    Is there a list that explains each of the enemy parameters (excluding the subtype ones)? I ask because QEdit places monsters with these as 0 (usually, some exceptions like when you place zonding canadine/invisible sinow), but if you have Dolmolm with no parameters, they can snare you which isn't normal. Many of these aren't too difficult to figure out based on existing quests that set them (Hildebears, Sinows, Canadines/Gees are easy to understand).

    For Merillia, PW1 sets params 1 and 4 to 0.7 each in Jungle for most of the ones I've checked. For Meriltas, it's params 3 and 4 that are set to these values. But in Seaside, there are Merillia with param 1 set to 2.0 and no other params set. I've also seen some CCA Sinows with parameter 2 set in PW1, but I couldn't figure out what that did (where param 1 seems to be a bitmask of disabling invisibility and enabling a spawning animation that depends on y position).

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