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[N-VH]=Compatible with Normal-Very Hard mode. | [ULT]=Compatible with Ultimate mode. | (xx/xx/xxxx)=Date uploaded/updated.

BB2020 Lobby 1 (09/28/2020)
"An alternative lobby skin, packed full of color with a refreshing aesthetic!"
Pioneer Park Lobby 2 (08/18/2023)
"A clean, grass filled park for hunters to relax in!"
Magitech Meadow Lobby 3 (09/07/2023)
"A mystical and industrial lobby, themed around magic and machine!"
Hydropower Plaza Lobby 4 (09/22/2023)
"A calming plaza for hunters to cool off in!"
Deepwater Depot Lobby 5 (11/20/2023)
"An oceanic themed lobby for the seafaring hunter!"
Verdant Vista Lobby 6 (11/29/2023)
"A cozy and dreamlike lobby that's perfect for birdwatching!"
Mainframe Facility Lobby 7 (11/29/2023)
"A high-tech lobby with a bright, futuristic look!"

Pioneer 2 Grass (08/08/2023)
"Green grass added next to the bank of Pioneer 2!"

Download [N-VH] Download [ULT]
Azure Forest 1 (08/11/2023)
"Forest 1 with a blue toned color scheme!"
Download [N-VH] | Download [ULT]

Poison Forest 2 (08/11/2023)
"A purple themed Forest 2, with poisonous water!"
Download [N-VH] | Download [ULT]
Industrial Caves 1 (04/27/2020)
"An industrial makeover for Caves 1, full of metal and wires!"
Download [N-VH]

Thank you everyone for downloading my skins! Your downloads are my motivation! I appreciate the support! Thank you so much!
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Could I ask about the forest 2 changes? It seems forest 1 is much more blue than regular (making sense with the name "azure"). In what ways is forest 2 different? Also more blue? (Difficult for me to tell).

Looks great btw!
Thank you! Yes I believe so, but I can't remember to be quite honest. I had to include that file to change the doors in forest 1 and 2 to the color I wanted as far as I know. I just checked though and it seems this affects ultimate forest 1 and 2 doors as well, and I'm not sure how to make it change for normal forest doors only unfortunately. I'll have to reupload it without the door file or make a note of it for now.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I'll try to have an ultimate forest skin uploaded soon too. It's been a while since I've made a skin but they're a lot of fun to make :)
Hi, do you know how to do custom skins or model swap for weapons?
Hello! Unfortunately I do not but I know there are a couple users here that have experience with that! I think the user egg yolk made a topic about model swapping in the tools forums.
♥ Update! New download links available for "Pioneer 2 Grass" ♥
*removed Azure Forest for now. It was my first skin and came out kind of janky in parts. It will be back up soon*
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♥ Update! New download links available for "Azure Forest 1" and "Poison Forest 2" ♥
*I separated the old "Azure Forest" into "Azure Forest 1" and "Poison Forest 2" along with some minor touch ups*
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♥ Update! New download link available for "Pioneer Park Lobby 2" ♥
*I put sooo many hours into this one switching from one concept to another halfway in but I'm finally happy with the results!*
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♥ Minor update! Added missing mipmaps to a few textures in "Pioneer Park Lobby 2" ♥
*So sorry to those who downloaded the old file with missing mipmaps! Everything is fixed now!*
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♥ Update! New download link available for "Magitech Meadow Lobby 3" ♥
*This lobby was a serious challenge trying to come up with a good theme to compliment the windmill decorations! After several concept changes over the course of a few days I can finally say I'm happy with where it's at.*
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