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[N-VH]=Compatible with Normal-Very Hard mode. | [ULT]=Compatible with Ultimate mode. | (xx/xx/xxxx)=Date uploaded/updated.

Installation Instructions:
Unzip your downloaded file(s) and place the contents in your "EphineaPSO" folder!
Make sure to back up your files!

Compilation Packs.png
Curated compilation packs of my skins!

Lobby Pack Contents
BB2020 Lobby 1
Pioneer Park Lobby 2
Magitech Meadow Lobby 3
Hydropower Plaza Lobby 4
Deepwater Depot Lobby 5
Verdant Vista Lobby 6
Mainframe Facility Lobby 7
Prismatic Paradise Lobby 8
Castle Courtyard Lobby 9

Forest Pack Contents
Azure Forest 1 [N-VH] & [ULT]
Poison Forest 2 [N-VH] & [ULT]

Individual Downloads.png
Individual downloads of all the skins I've created!

Skins that change the look of lobbies!
BB2020 Lobby 1 (09/28/2020)
"An alternative lobby skin, packed full of color with a refreshing aesthetic!"
Pioneer Park Lobby 2 (08/18/2023)
"A clean, grass filled park for hunters to relax in!"
Magitech Meadow Lobby 3 (09/07/2023)
"A mystical and industrial lobby, themed around magic and machine!"
Hydropower Plaza Lobby 4 (09/22/2023)
"A calming plaza for hunters to cool off in!"
Deepwater Depot Lobby 5 (11/20/2023)
"An oceanic themed lobby for the seafaring hunter!"
Verdant Vista Lobby 6 (11/29/2023)
"A cozy and serene lobby that's perfect for birdwatching!"
Mainframe Facility Lobby 7 (11/29/2023)
"A high-tech lobby with a bright, futuristic look!"
Prismatic Paradise Lobby 8 (01/10/2024)
"A luminous, rainbow themed lobby with a dreamy aesthetic!"
Castle Courtyard Lobby 9 (04/30/2024)
"An ancient, castle themed lobby with stained glass accents!"

Skins that change the look of player characters!
Whitill RAcaseal (Head 2 Costume 7 Row 3) (01/11/2024)
"A white themed RAcaseal skin, requested by user portugeek!"

Episode 1.png
Skins that change the look of areas in Episode 1!
Pioneer 2 Grass (08/08/2023)
"Green grass added next to the bank of Pioneer 2!"

Download [N-VH] Download [ULT]
Azure Forest 1 (08/11/2023)
"Forest 1 with a blue toned color scheme!"
Download [N-VH] | Download [ULT]

Poison Forest 2 (08/11/2023)
"A purple themed Forest 2, with poisonous water!"
Download [N-VH] | Download [ULT]
Industrial Caves 1 (04/27/2020)
"An industrial makeover for Caves 1, full of metal and wires!"
Download [N-VH]

Thank you everyone for downloading my skins! Your downloads are my motivation! I appreciate the support! Thank you so much!
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Could I ask about the forest 2 changes? It seems forest 1 is much more blue than regular (making sense with the name "azure"). In what ways is forest 2 different? Also more blue? (Difficult for me to tell).

Looks great btw!
Thank you! Yes I believe so, but I can't remember to be quite honest. I had to include that file to change the doors in forest 1 and 2 to the color I wanted as far as I know. I just checked though and it seems this affects ultimate forest 1 and 2 doors as well, and I'm not sure how to make it change for normal forest doors only unfortunately. I'll have to reupload it without the door file or make a note of it for now.
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I'll try to have an ultimate forest skin uploaded soon too. It's been a while since I've made a skin but they're a lot of fun to make :)
Hi, do you know how to do custom skins or model swap for weapons?
Hello! Unfortunately I do not but I know there are a couple users here that have experience with that! I think the user egg yolk made a topic about model swapping in the tools forums.
♥ Update! New download links available for "Pioneer 2 Grass" ♥
*removed Azure Forest for now. It was my first skin and came out kind of janky in parts. It will be back up soon*
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♥ Update! New download links available for "Azure Forest 1" and "Poison Forest 2" ♥
*I separated the old "Azure Forest" into "Azure Forest 1" and "Poison Forest 2" along with some minor touch ups*
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♥ Update! New download link available for "Pioneer Park Lobby 2" ♥
*I put sooo many hours into this one switching from one concept to another halfway in but I'm finally happy with the results!*
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♥ Minor update! Added missing mipmaps to a few textures in "Pioneer Park Lobby 2" ♥
*So sorry to those who downloaded the old file with missing mipmaps! Everything is fixed now!*
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♥ Update! New download link available for "Magitech Meadow Lobby 3" ♥
*This lobby was a serious challenge trying to come up with a good theme to compliment the windmill decorations! After several concept changes over the course of a few days I can finally say I'm happy with where it's at.*
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