8th Anniversary Event Thread


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8th Anniversary Event
5th August ~ 5th September

Welcome to the 8th Ephinea Anniversary Event!

If you're a veteran, you'll already know what this event is all about, and to save you trawling through the thread, here's all the changes this year:

- All monsters defeated in Ultimate will count towards the kill count milestone, instead of just Maximum Attack: E.
- The Boost Road will not feature Maximum Attack: E this time, due to the move to the Ragol Boost Road, which will continue as normal.
- Photon Sphere has been reduced from 99 gold badges to 95 gold badges.
- The 7 new Red Ring paints are in the silver badge shop for 99 silver badges.
- The milestones have been re-adjusted this year to be slightly stronger due to no Hunters Boost Road.
- The weekly rotating boost system has all of its bonuses applied during the event instead of cycling 1 by 1.

What's the Anniversary Event?

The Anniversary Event is an event which features badge currency drops and a set of exclusive limited-time quests, known as Maximum Attack E.

During the course of this event, you will be able to find four different types of badges:
  • Bronze (All Difficulties)
  • Silver (Very Hard and Ultimate)
  • Gold (Ultimate Only)
  • Platinum (Ultimate Only, extremely rare)
The higher the difficulty, the more common the badge drops. These badges will drop anywhere, they are not exclusive to the event quest series.

All badge drops will also be independent of any drop rate modifications. This means you will find badges at the same rate regardless of the amount of players you are playing with.

Note that badges cannot drop from rappies that are scared instead of killed.

You'll be able to spend these badges in the "Anniversary Event Shop" under Episode 1 at various NPCs.

Note that:
  • 10 Bronze = 1 Silver
  • 10 Silver = 1 Gold
Maximum Attack E

Maximum Attack E are this event's designated quest series.

Each quest is designed to last 5-10 minutes, and cannot be failed, meaning all players will be able to participate.

The quest list is as follows:
  • Maximum Attack E: Forest
  • Maximum Attack E: Caves
  • Maximum Attack E: Mines
  • Maximum Attack E: Ruins
  • Maximum Attack E: Temple
  • Maximum Attack E: Spaceship
  • Maximum Attack E: CCA
  • Maximum Attack E: Seabed
  • Maximum Attack E: Tower
  • Maximum Attack E: Crater
  • Maximum Attack E: Desert
Note that each quest features a timer. This timer doesn't have any purpose and is simply for players who like to see how fast they're going. The timer will also freeze at the end of the quest, so players don't have to rush to press their printscreen button.


Rag Rappy: 16
Booma: 22
Gobooma: 17
Gigobooma: 37
Savage Wolf: 25
Barbarous Wolf: 7
Hildebear: 32
Monest: 5

Total: 161

Evil Shark: 28
Pal Shark: 42
Guil Shark: 44
Poison Lily: 46
Grass Assassin: 23
Nano Dragon: 30
Pofuilly Slime: 4

Total: 217

Gilchic: 42
Dubchic: 12
Canadine: 65 (+32)
Canane: 4
Sinow Beat: 21
Sinow Gold: 13
Garanz: 19

Total: 144 (+32)

Claw: 24
Bulclaw: 11
Dimenian: 32
La Dimenian: 33
So Dimenian: 18
Chaos Sorcerer: 15
Dark Belra: 12
Dark Gunner: 6
Chaos Bringer: 11

Total: 162

Rag Rappy: 22
Hildebear: 22
Poison Lily: 43
Grass Assassin: 20
Dimenian: 15
La Dimenian: 25
So Dimenian: 28
Dark Belra: 17

Total: 192

Savage Wolf: 23
Barbarous Wolf: 20
Pan Arms: 8
Gilchic: 61
Dubchic: 12
Garanz: 21
Delsaber: 29

Total: 174
Central Control Area

Merillia: 16
Meriltas: 13
Ul Gibbon: 17
Zol Gibbon: 19
Gee: 15
Sinow Berill: 10
Sinow Spigell: 18
Mericarol: 14
Mericus: 2
Merikle: 2
Gibbles: 15
Gi Gue: 5

Total: 146

Recobox: 26
Dolmolm: 27
Dolmdarl: 25
Sinow Zoa: 17
Sinow Zele: 14
Deldepth: 17
Morfos: 12
Delbiter: 18

Total: 156

Mericarol: 7
Mericus: 6
Merikle: 7
Gibbles: 9
Gi Gue: 18
Recbox: 2
Delbiter: 8
Del Lily: 24
Ill Gill: 19
Epsilon: 4

Total: 104

Sand Rappy: 18
Boota: 24
Ze Boota: 23
Ba Boota: 25
Satellite Lizard: 36
Yowie: 23
Astark: 23
Zu: 8
Dorphon: 14

Total: 194

Sand Rappy: 13
Goran: 24
Pyro Goran: 26
Goran Detonator: 19
Satellite Lizard: 30
Yowie: 20
Merissa A: 22
Zu: 18
Girtablulu: 6

Total: 178

Event Milestones

Event Milestone Page

During this event, all kills made in Ultimate difficulty (regardless of quest or lack thereof) will be tallied up and added to a cumulative kill counter. Make certain goals to unlock boosts for everyone to enjoy. Any boosts applied will function everywhere, not only in the event quests.

If you wish to see your personal kill counter, talk to the Guide in the Anniversary Badge Shop.

Anniversary Shop Quest

Normal → Episode 1 → Shop​

If you manage to find or earn badges on your travels and hunts, you may trade them for various goodies in the Anniversary Shop Quest.

There are a total of 8 NPCs to do trades with, and they all take various badges for their services.

Check under the spoiler if you're interested in the shop list.

In the Anniversary Shop, there are nine NPCs who would love to do business with you and your badges.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Badge Shops
Location: The plaza next to the bank

Each of these shop attendants will trade flat item rewards for badges.

Currency: Bronze

1 - Music Disk (Random)
1 = Trigrinder
5 = Soul Eater
5 = Suppressed Gun
5 = Technical Crozier
8 = Addslot
20 = Butterfly Net
20 = Bamboo Spear
50 = Chu Chu Fever
50 = Bunny Ears
50 = Cat Ears

Currency: Silver

1 = Def Material
1 = Evade Material
1 = Power Material
1 = Mind Material
2 = HP Material
3 = TP Material
5 = Luck Material
8 = Broom
8 = Chameleon Scythe
8 = Wok of Akiko's Shop
10 = Item Ticket
99 = Cyan Paint
99 = Onyx Paint
99 = Orange Paint
99 = Rose Paint
99 = Ultramarine Paint
99 = Violet Paint
99 = Chartreuse Paint

Currency: Gold

1 = Photon Crystal
1 = Imperial Pick (random stats)
1 = Red Mechgun (random stats)
1 = Windmill (random stats)
6 = Parasitic Cell Type D
6 = Flame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
6 = Electro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
8 = Aura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
5 = Pioneer Parts
5 = Heart of YN-0117
5 = Stealth Kit
30 = Mag Kit
30 = Varuna Kit
30 = Kalki Kit
30 = Vritra Kit
35 = Photon Filter
50 = Photon Booster
95 = Photon Sphere

The Hunter from Ragol
Location: Tyrell's Office

The Hunter can be a little rough around the edges, but you can't argue with his stock. If you bring him Gold Badges, you can trade him for one of his weapons. If you're lucky, you might get one with Hit. All weapons will cost 1 Gold Badges.

The Hunter is sick of properly tekking items for you, so you can buy a random untekked weapon for 1 Gold Badge. They can potentially have higher percentages, but you don't get to choose which weapon you'll get.

Currency: Gold

Daisy Chain
Nice Shot
Crazy Tune
Toy Hammer
Harisen Battle Fan
Akiko's Cleaver
Samba Maracas
Rocket Punch
Le Cogneur
Flower Cane
Game Magazine

The Thief from Ragol
Location: Medical Center

Back from her misadventure in Caves, the Thief will let you gamble your Bronze Badges for exotic prizes. Her selection of items consists mostly of those available from Coren; those who trade with her may find a variety of units, armors and shields, most of which are aimed to help newer players.

Currency: Bronze

Common Rewards:

Uncommon Rewards:
Three Seals

Rare Rewards:
Invisible Guard
Sacred Guard
S-Parts ver2.01
Honeycomb Reflector
Hunter's Shell

The Badger
Location: Outside the teleporter to Tyrell's Office

The Badger has been here all along. He used to hang around the bank, waiting for his friends to show up. They never did. Now he expects you to be his friend. Good luck with that.

He's not without a purpose, however. Instead of trading up badges through the Badge Shops, the Badger will provide that service for you. He's just that nice of a guy. If you bring him 10 Bronzes, he'll give you 1 Silver, and if you bring him 10 Silvers, he'll give you 1 Gold.

The Guide
Location: Hunter's Guild

The Guide makes her return from last year, providing some insight into the event to players who ask. If looking up this thread every time seems tedious, seek out the Guide instead.

Like last year, the Guide is also in charge of handing out the grand prize for players who find the coveted Platinum Badge.

Currency: Platinum

1 = Lavis Cannon
1 = Sealed J-Sword
1 = Heaven Punisher
1 = Handgun: Guld
1 = Psycho Wand
1 = Prophets of Motav

All weapons come with 0% in every category.
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Oh, so there's this grand new excitement factor this time where we can potentially hit a huge jackpot if we happen to get a really good rbr quest? That is pretty epic. For those of you that just think, "Play the MAE Quests." I'd like to clue you in on that the boosts from the event stack with the rbr quests, so even just playing them now you'll already have 175% exp, 150% dar, and 150% rdr, and will probably be into the 200s once enough milestones are unlocked. As in, they give even better rates than the MAE quests, so if it gets a really good quest it could be insane.
OH! And for those who were unaware...or purrposely retracted the memory into the furthest recessions of their psyche...8 YEARS was how long we lasted on SCHTHACK Before the First 'WIPE' when we were tossed off of the SEGA PSO Servers! 8 Glorious years Here of compassionate, yet disciplined Leadership and Management from ALL those involved! May this event be the cornerstone to help Wash away the tears and tribulation of what saddened us...Ease the sorrow of losing loved ones to an uncertain online fate....and FADE the SCARS left on All that remind us the cost of trusting something we spent so much of our spare time of our lives with...AND here's to us spending many More years to come with most excellent players who share our passion~! Well, That or til the day comes we drive Soda-samas to Run Off Screaming Naked into the Night!! XD! =')!!
Newbie here. Does the ability to spend badges disappear at the end of the event or just the ability to earn them?
Fiasco is also supposed to be up for the duration of the event and rewarding some amount of badges. I'll fix this and put it up later tonight.
After some discussion with the staff, it was decided that Christmas Fiasco will NOT be a part of this year's Anniversary Event.

The reasoning being the quests would be too strong with how we've laid out the milestones this year and we'd like to keep the focus on Maximum Attack: E.

Thank you for understanding!
Ii have some 3rd-anniversary badges. will those still work as regular badges?

I don't have a definitive answer, but if they stack with the ones that are dropping then yes

They are no longer usable
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Hi, I am Gachipon. I was wondering if the location of the Gold Badge Gamble NPC was changed, or if he was just removed?

I know his weapons are kinda useless, but there is one item that I kinda wanted, but last time I visited Tyrell's Office and he was nowhere to be found...