4th Anniversary Event Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Sodaboy, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    It's how PSO functions, you can only have 50 items on the floor at one time.
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  2. Gopchang

    Gopchang Member

    Gunpo, Korea
    I tried to exchange bronze badges with silver ones, but the badger only has a menu to exchange old badges with the new one.
  3. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Currently there's a bug with it which will be remedied in a maintenance later. Hold onto your badges for now.
  4. 500ryu

    500ryu Mean team member #47

    Not on Sandbox mode idk why.
    Cool event thanks for putting it up

    Can coins be traded down as in from gold to silver or silver to bronze?

    Also will there be a leaderboard for gold coins obtained or something? Thought that was a interesting thing to look at during the summer scavenger event.
  5. TrigunBebop

    TrigunBebop Full Psycho-Frame Prototype Mobile Suit

    Did anyone else not get the item ticket from the 100,000 kills event milestone? I checked all my characters' inventories, character banks, and the shared bank but it's nowhere to be seen. My HBR score is 12 points, so I definitely meet the requirement to get the ticket.
  6. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    I didn't enable rewards. (On purpose, code wasn't done yet. :p)

    It'll be enabled after the restart.
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  7. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    Soda and Matt: Another amazing event! Thank you for making the rewards account-based so that we don't feel "stuck" on one character once we get a lot of kills with them. That was a FANTASTIC idea.

    Here's to many more. Thank you guys for all that you do :3
  8. Spuz

    Spuz Without rain, nothing grows.

    Guildcard 2:
    Since rewards are tied to HBR points, I have a question. About the highest reward. Im not expecting you to tell me how many pts it is ofc, until it is revealed but I was just curious about going for double the pts for double the rewards. For example, if lets say sphere (assuming its a sphere) is max points of 300 HBR, if I were to spam 600-900 pts would that get me 2-3 spheres or would it just be 1 per account with whatever points the last reward is?
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  9. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    1 per account.
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  10. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    Ah, classic Sodaboy, I just realized I forgot to check the total server kill counter for the Heart of YN-0117 reward.

    So, that's basically why you all got it early.

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  11. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    VIVA le SODA-Samas~! <3! tytytyty!!!
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  12. mkx01

    mkx01 Member

    where are the event merchants ?________?
    I made a episode 1 normal mode party, took the quest and there is no NPCs outside of the bank/nurse/normal merchants
  13. Lemon

    Lemon Quest Creator and Tool Developer

    Guildcard 2:
    This event is really cool. Thanks to everyone who worked to put it together!
  14. brionac

    brionac Legendary Partisan

    MAE Section ID Recommendations.PNG

    Here are some recommendations for players that want to set up rooms for special hunts. Ugh, the bluefull one looks like purple though.
  15. Alisaryn

    Alisaryn Member

    Thanks so much for adding the Festivity On The Beach quest! <3 So much nostalgia for this quest from GC!
  16. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    YAAAAAAAAS~! <3! Mew's still memorized all the cool things to say! <3
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  17. brionac

    brionac Legendary Partisan

    If you want to see the list of things to say in Festivity On The Beach, check this out:

    This is a quest for you guys to enjoy the dwindling summer. This quest will take place night time in the Seaside Area and will have no new content or gameplay. This quest however will allow you to spend time, relax and chat, and enjoy the nice atmosphere with the soothing lapping sound of the waves echoing in the background. Sit around the campfire and share summer memories or frolic in the sea under the stars to your heart's content. Or come together one last time in the summer and enjoy the fireworks at the beach.

    There are also secret words you can say that will trigger a specific action Once you've said a word, you will have to wait until the animation is over before you can trigger another one. If you just stand around, random things will happen.

    Word Action
    burst causes fireworks

    enemy, monster, beast, squid, creature, icky, tentacle starts a battle with a domolm(one battle at a time, five battles maximum).

    comet, sky, tail, blue, moon, stream, meteor causes a shooting star over the ocean.

    star, twinkle causes a single star in the direct southern sky to shine brightly.

    fire, camp, flames causes the campfire to release a plume of smoke (black close up, turns red when viewed at a distance)

    explosion, ka-boom causes the campfire to explode with flames.

    darkness, good night, lights out causes the screen to go completely black

    sparkle, shimmer, dazzle, dance, razzle causes the ocean to sparkle in the moonlight.

    pop, blam, pyrotechnics causes a skyward firework type 1 to launch over the ocean.

    scatter, burst, boom causes a skyward firework type 2 to launch over the ocean.

    cannon, barrage causes a skyward firework type 3 to launch over the ocean.

    rocket, launch, roman causes a skyward firework type 4 to launch over the ocean.

    spinner, wheel, cyclone causes a ground spinning firework near the speaker

    illumination, shower, fountain rock shoots sparkles

    eerie, plasma, boo, scary, strange, odd, scream blue light spirit hovers by shrubs behind rock

    hearts, love, sweet, like, cutie, honey, dearie hearts appear when someone of the opposite sex is nearby

    If you die in the quest, you will be taken back to the Lab and not let back into Seaside. The woman in the lab will scold you for making the floor wet.

    Monsters appearing will also drop rares according to their charts but rarely.


    By the way, no banking, shopping, or NPCs besides the teller at the guild. The hospital is still available though.

    Also, the milestone page didn't mean Beach Laughter as the reward for 50,000 kills, and Singing By The Beach is not the quest you're looking for if you can't recall what this is called. Go to Episode 2 and select the quest under the Event tab, not the Shop tab.
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  18. Anieru

    Anieru Member

    Brighton, UK
    MRW this ends the day Monster Hunter Iceborne comes out.


    As usual thanks for the amazing event everyone!
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  19. brionac

    brionac Legendary Partisan

    Thanks to Spuz and gang, here's a list of values from the Chef when you turn in your monster parts. The one in green is not from the original list that I copied from the original post. I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to work, but Spuz tried to get badges from the Chef via Sandbox mode, and that's what he got today.

    Booma's Right Arm = 3 Bronze Badges
    Gobooma's Right Arm = 3 Bronze Badges
    Gigobooma's Right Arm = 5 Bronze Badges
    Rappy's Wing = 3 Bronze Badges
    Grass Assassin's Arms = 3 Bronze Badges
    S-Beat's Arms = 3 Bronze Badges
    Hildebear's Head = 3 Bronze Badges
    Hildeblue's Head = 3 Bronze Badges
    Delsaber's Left Arm = 5 Bronze Badges
    Delsaber's Right Arm = 5 Bronze Badges
    P-Arm's Arms = 10 Bronze Badges
    Sinow Berill's Arms = 10 Bronze Badges
    Belra's Right Arm = 10 Bronze Badges
    Dragon's Claw = 10 Bronze Badges
    S-Red's Arms = 2 Silver Badges
    Parts of Baranz = 2 Silver Badges
    Bringer's Right Arm = 2 Silver Badges
    Sorcerer's Right Arm = 2 Silver Badges
    Gi Gue's body= 2 Silver Badges
    De Rol Le Shell = 2 Silver Badges
    Gal Gryphon's Wing = 2 Silver Badges
    Cladding of Epsilon = 5 Silver Badges
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  20. CB1981

    CB1981 Member

    Just out of curiosity, is the badge shop closing with the event on the 6th or will it remain open for a few days afterwards?

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