100% Hit Club


In this club, you can become a member if you've found a 100% Hit weapon in Normal/Hardcore Mode.

When submitting your entry, please post screenshot(s) of the weapon and enter the name, grind value, and stats of the weapon to match the formatting shown in the list below.

Members & Weapons:
  1. NDW - Chaos Gladius +3 [0/0/0/0|100]
  2. Aizen - Blizzard Vulcan +3 [0/45/0/45|100]
  3. Dab - Charge Vulcan +6 [0/0/0/40|100]
  4. Ender - Havoc Calibur +7 [0/0/0/35|100]
  5. CritDraw - King's Club +3 [0/0/40/40|100]
  6. CritDraw - Demon's Gungnir +2 [0/35/0/0|100]
  7. StevieWonderDownUnder - Imperial Pick [15/35/0/0|100]
  8. Roo - Devil's Calibur +3 [40/0/0/0|100]
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just found this in forest i know it's not 100h but maybe i can be a honorary member?


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Found this back in November 2017.


Found in a Skyly TTF from the Falz boxes. I was just trying to get a level for my HUnewearl... It's funny because there was an auction for a 70H Calibur up at the time and I was considering bidding that night.

Originally dropped as Chaos for the special, and so did that other 100H Calibur that I won in that auction. Funny coincidence.


Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the role odds on finding a 100 hit weapon?

Aleron Ives

There are multiple variables. If the Hit rate is 5%, then you have .05 * 0.0001 to get 90% on Hit, which is 1/20 000. On the bright side, you get 3 rolls per weapon, since there are 3 attribute slots. On the other hand, only the later areas can drop 90% weapons at all.
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