PSO backstory summary

    In a galaxy, far, far away, there was a planet called Coral. They were doing some shit with photons, when one day, a comet hits the planet!!11 Inside it was some highly advanced photons that were really cool and powerful. Naturally, the people of Coral decided the best option was to use this...
  2. ScoobyDew

    Recurring Nightmare

    I've been having this recurring nightmare. Not often, not everyday, not every week but every month or so. I never really gave it much thought until this morning. I felt like I needed to write this one down for just how strange it is. I figured, why not have some peeps see into the nightmares of...
  3. fare67t

    Story quests...?

    What im wondering is this: IK on the gamecube vers. (eps 1-2) theres a series of like, offline supposed "story" quests (dunno if they were the one-player / offline quests made by sega, or if some private server made em). So are the government quests these "storyline" quests? I mean the game is...