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I've been having this recurring nightmare. Not often, not everyday, not every week but every month or so. I never really gave it much thought until this morning. I felt like I needed to write this one down for just how strange it is. I figured, why not have some peeps see into the nightmares of a Mathematician. LOL no it's not about me teaching the class only to find out I'm in my underwear.

I was an office worker this time. Monkeying around on the 7th floor. Cubicle job, white shirt, black tie, monkey suit, and a seat with a sweet window view. I could see the highway, with all the cars zoomin' on by. The cars were bland, dull, solid colors. They seemed futuristic. Slightly off. I couldn't recognize the cars but I could tell they were offshoots of present day models. This must have been the future. I'd say about 10 years in. 2026?

I'm zoned out. I stared out the window scanning everything in sight. There was a large crane about 200 feet away from my floor. It was a rusty gold. There were some crates hanging high up from the head. Zoning out...thinking deep...about a crane. Classic office job. Suddenly *POP* *POP* *POP*! Gunshots? No they sounded too far off in the distance to carry over so clear. Missiles? Couldn't be. It sounded more like cannon fire. Everyone shot up and rushed towards the window.

Whispers, muttering, whispers. What is going on? *FWOOM* Something crashes onto the pavement down below. What is it? A dud? What is it? It's a giant metallic object, a cylinder, triangle, sphere? It's a pod. Smoking hot. The lid pops off... *FWOOM* *FWOOM* *FWOOM* More pods come crashing down. Everyone's screaming *FWOOM* Everyone's panicking *FWOOM* *FWOOM* Shit. What the fuck is happening? Are we at war? Is this the end of the world?

*PSHHH* In no time flat our titanic neighbor crane came crashing through the window. MY window, my pristine cubicle window. Time slows down in moments of panic. I'm flying. I'm falling. *THUD* I hit the top of the crane. Luckily the cane had lodged itself into the side of the building. I dust the dirt off my shoulder and climb to the top for a good view. All around the city I see pods come crashing down, one after the other, nonstop. Where are they coming from?

Just then I wake up. What a relief. Jesus, what a nightmare... I was in a park. Why was I sleeping in a park? I sat up scratching my head. Am I homeless? *POP* *POP* *POP*! Was that?... *FWOOM* A pod smashes through the park. Shit. It's real isn't it? I jump from my comfy bench bed and hit the ground running. The pods just started to fall. I'm not sticking around to find out what's inside. I'm booking it through tight alleyways. Empty alleyways. Where is everyone? I can only hear their screams. My ears are ringing , my ears are ringing. Tinnitus. Howls, cries, screams, noises, noises, noises, noises, noises.... It's real isn't it? This is really happening. It's fucking real. I can't believe it. It's real. It's real. It's real...This is how it all ends.

Then I wake up... I'm walking alongside a girls. She's a classmate of mine. *FWOOM*

Then I wake up... I'm driving my car. I pull up to my home. *FWOOM*

Then I wake up...

Then I wake up...

You ever wake from a dream just to wake up in the same dream? Over and over, as each dream unravels you can't help but believe that your dream is real. Each time I woke from the nightmare I awoke in a different part of the city. Every time the pods fell I had a different experience. Was I the same person? Was I different person each time? What? What? What was in those pods...

I need some pumpkin pie.
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Sounds like you're trying to escape something, that's what those dreams usually mean. Whether it be past regrets, relationships, troubles, homeland issues.
Sounds like you're trying to escape something, that's what those dreams usually mean. Whether it be past regrets, relationships, troubles, homeland issues.
It makes for a great horror story tho :p