1. D

    DusDus' Shop (updated july 19)

    For a fast sale, please contact me on Discord : dusdus5428 Currencies accepted : Photon Drop (PD), Photon Crystal (1:1), Meseta (500k:1), Event Egg (2:1), Anniv. Gold Badge (1:1). I will also consider trade offers. Thank you for visiting <3 Weapons Saber Orotiagito 5PD Galatine [Spirit]...
  2. Michiganfan0308

    Jas' Shop

    Hey there, thanks for checking out my stuff :) Please message me on Discord (jas.93) for a faster response 50k per
  3. Donnie

    Donnie´s Shop - Opened again - Restocked

    Hello there - my Shop is open again. Feel free to browse and message me on Discord for a trade. Or the forums, but its easier on discord for me. My handle there is Vasheranos. I accept PDS, PCS (1:1), Meseta (as listed or 1PD : 400K)...
  4. Brvcx

    Brvcx' Boutique

    Heya, Just a list of things I'm selling (or buying). S> Girasole 0/20/0/35|0 [1 PD] S> Rage d'Ame 20/0/0/0|15 [0.5 PDs] S> Ophelie Seize 15/0/20/40|0 [0.5 PDs] S> Flameberge 0/0/0/30|0 [0.5 PDs] S> Genpei (Xmas 2023) 2x [2 PDs] S> S-parts ver1.16 [7/8] [7/8] [0.5 PDs] S> V801 [8 PDs] S>...
  5. Azzy

    Azzy's widdle shop (Updated 1/10/2024) + Forge Items!

    WELCOME TO MY SHOP Currently Accepting: 1 PD = 1 PD Forge:
  6. thegmk


    All items listed are priced using Anniversary Bronze Badges.* Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/15|25] - 9 Vjaya [Charge] [0/25/0/0|20] - 8 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/0|25] - 8 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/30/25|20] - 9 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/0|30] - 10 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/15/55|0] - 6 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/25/0|15] - 7...
  7. U

    MPX's Remnants Revamped!!!

    Message me on here or DM on Discord: Ult_MPX#7835 Will accept Photon Crystals 1:1, as well as any Event items (Eggs, Anniv. Badges, Cookies, etc.) at the most current exchange rate. Store is refreshed after every sale. New items are added every week. Need Meseta? Let me know. 500k for 1PD. -...
  8. DiscoGreninjaFrog

    Berry's Trade List

    My Timezone is GMT -10. The quickest response is DM'ing my discord - DiscoGreninjaFrog#3531 Accepted trade currencies - Photon Drops, Photon Crystal (1:1), Alternative Currencies (Badges, Eggs etc. At their current accepted rate) Photon drops are preferred - you may also offer a trade exchange...
  9. Spuz

    Spuz's Jewels: BOGOF on ALL items.

    Last update - 04/01/2024 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instants | B> Thread | T> Thread | ES Market -------------------------------- BOGOF DEAL All items, Buy One Get One Free ~ Highest price Item is paid for. My Jewels - マイ ジュエルズ...
  10. Rune

    Liquidation, come offer me PDs for items!

    Feel free to message me on Discord (Rune#6834) or here. I will see Discord before I see here though. My hours of operation are confusing and silly and I don't fully understand them myself. Chances are just leave a message and I'll get back to you (or find me on the discord). Payment can be in...
  11. C

    CocoShop (temporarily closed)

    Temporarily closed while taking break from PSO. Weapons 0/0/0/0/55 Charge Raygun+11 4 pd 0/0/40/0/50 Charge Gungnir 0.5 pd 0/25/25/0/0 Slicer of Fanatic 0.5 pd 0/0/0/15/0 Storm Wand: Indra 0.5 pd 25/0/15/0/0 Storm Wand: Indra 0.5 pd Misc. Amplifier of Rabarta x1 0.5 pd Techniques Anti 7 x5...
  12. GreenGod64

    GreenGod's General

    Hello there. Welcome to GreenGod's General. Can I interest you in some of my wares? Check out this list right here and see what interests you. Discord: Elizeo#0578, also found in the Ephinea Discord server as "GreenGod64"' I'll also be open to check any replies on this thread. My Timezone for...
  13. EvilUpholsterer

    S> For a Limited Time Only! (Ended)

    Going to list the following items for reduced prices, for 7 days only! While stocks last! Terms and conditions apply! Get in quick! All prices negotiable! - Rage de Feu (Blizzard) 0/0/0/0/20 1PD - Ophelie Seize 0/20/0/0/20 1PD - Guilty Light 25/0/25/0/20 1PD - Musashi 25/0/0/0/20 1PD - Snake...
  14. EvilUpholsterer

    Sakura's Splendid Store (Closed)

    Hello! Selling stuff that you might want, cheaply. I won't list prices as I want people to buy what they need for what they can afford. As long as your offer isn't ridiculously low, I will most likely accept it. And yes, I did type all this out by hand. Can't be bothered to download an Item...
  15. Magby

    Magby's Trade List (CLOSED)

    Discord: Magby#8722 (I will be able to reply faster) Open to offers on most items :) ___________________ I take Photon Drops / Meseta / Photon Crystals 1PD : 500k Meseta : 1PC ____________________________________ WEAPONS UNITS ARMOURS BARRIERS/SHIELDS TECHNIQUES MATERIALS...
  16. majinToorah

    majinToorah's Boutique

    I will update with prices as I learn them. Feel free to message me offers as long as you're not trying to pull my leg :wacko: *I’m also open to trades, even for the 30 hit Cannon Rouge if the trade is fair. Looking for stuff that would be good for a Hunter/HUmar* Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/30/30 - 95...
  17. Lepvelx

    Nei's claw funds store

    Selling everything, feel free to make an offer. I accept PDs (If you have a real Neis claw send me a dm) Gladius [Tempest] [0/0/30/0|0] Calibur +3 [Gush] [0/40/0/0|50] Gungnir +7 [Burning] [0/0/0/0|35] Gungnir +8 [Arrest] [0/0/35/0|50] Gungnir +10 [Freeze] [0/0/0/20|50] Vjaya [Charge]...
  18. Lepvelx

    Selling everything

    I accept photon drops and gold badges DB's Saber 0 5 0 0 DB's Saber 0 20 0 0 DB's Saber 0 0 0 0 DB's Saber 0 0 5 0 Flowen's sword 0 0 0 0 Flowen's sword 5 0 0 0 Flowen's sword 0 20 25 0 Dragon Slayer 0 40 0 30 Geist Ripper +10 0 0 0 0 45 Blade dance 0 0 0 0 Bersek Gugnir 0 0 0 0 50 Gae Bolg 45...
  19. Tekkium

    A> 60h Spirit Vulcans [closed: 12 PD]

    Reserve 10pds 48 hour countdown 24 hour resets
  20. AzrialSkye

    Skye's Scraps and Savory Sundries

    Since my return to PSO since my Gamecube days, I've been stashing just about anything I pick up. Needless to say, I've amassed a bit of a horde... SO! I've decided to take inventory, and invite anyone to browse at their leisure. Also, all sales are final, barring extenuating circumstances. I'm...