1. Azzy

    Azzy's widdle shop (Currently accepting Meseta / PDS / All Badges as payment) (Updated Sept. 9th 2023)

    WELCOME TO MY SHOP Currently Accepting: 1 PD = 1 PD :) 1 Anniversary Gold Badge = 1 PD 25 Bronze Badges = 1 PD 10 Silver Badges = 1 PD 500k Meseta = 1PD Here's some stuff: WEAPONS Diska +9 [Charge] [0/0/0/0|50] x7 - 1 pd Raygun +10 [Charge] [0/5/0/0|50] x4 - 1 pd Laser +7 [Berserk]...
  2. Brvcx

    Brvcx' Boutique

    Heya, Some odds and ends. Just lemme know here, through DMs or Discord. B> Holy Ray 0/0/0/x|50 (may have Native, A.Beast or Machine as well) B> Charge Raygun 0/0/0/x|65 (may have Native, A.Beast or Machine as well) S> Rambling May 0/0/15/0|25 [10 PDs] S> Electro Frame [33/50] [15/20] [3S] [1...
  3. thegmk


    All items listed are priced using Anniversary Bronze Badges.* Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/15|25] - 9 Vjaya [Charge] [0/25/0/0|20] - 8 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/0|25] - 8 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/30/25|20] - 9 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/0|30] - 10 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/15/55|0] - 6 Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/25/0|15] - 7...
  4. U

    MPX's Remnants Revamped!!!

    GRAND RE-OPENING! COMPLETE OVERHAUL! If you're interested in any of the items listed, Message me on here or DM on Discord: Ult_MPX#7835 Weapons: Diska of Braveman [Berserk][0/0/0/0|30] (x2) = 200k Meseta Phonon Maser [Havoc][0/0/15/35|0] = 1PD Soul Eater [Berserk][0/0/0/0|0] = 200k Meseta Club...
  5. DiscoGreninjaFrog

    Berry's Trade List

    My Timezone is GMT -10. The quickest response is DM'ing my discord - DiscoGreninjaFrog#3531 Accepted trade currencies - Photon Drops, Photon Crystal (1:1), Alternative Currencies (Badges, Eggs etc. At their current accepted rate) Photon drops are preferred - you may also offer a trade exchange...
  6. Spuz

    Spuz's Jewels:

    Last update - 16/09/2023 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instant Unsealing | T>Techs | B> Thread | ES Market | -------------------------------- General Notes: - My lists were made using @iyoSakura's Item WebViewer & @SweetWilly014's PSO...
  7. Rune

    Liquidation, come offer me PDs for items!

    Feel free to message me on Discord (Rune#6834) or here. I will see Discord before I see here though. My hours of operation are confusing and silly and I don't fully understand them myself. Chances are just leave a message and I'll get back to you (or find me on the discord). Payment can be in...
  8. C

    CocoShop (temporarily closed)

    Temporarily closed while taking break from PSO. Weapons 0/0/0/0/55 Charge Raygun+11 4 pd 0/0/40/0/50 Charge Gungnir 0.5 pd 0/25/25/0/0 Slicer of Fanatic 0.5 pd 0/0/0/15/0 Storm Wand: Indra 0.5 pd 25/0/15/0/0 Storm Wand: Indra 0.5 pd Misc. Amplifier of Rabarta x1 0.5 pd Techniques Anti 7 x5...
  9. GreenGod64

    GreenGod's General

    Hello there. Welcome to GreenGod's General. Can I interest you in some of my wares? Check out this list right here and see what interests you. Discord: Elizeo#0578, also found in the Ephinea Discord server as "GreenGod64"' I'll also be open to check any replies on this thread. My Timezone for...
  10. EvilUpholsterer

    S> For a Limited Time Only! (Ended)

    Going to list the following items for reduced prices, for 7 days only! While stocks last! Terms and conditions apply! Get in quick! All prices negotiable! - Rage de Feu (Blizzard) 0/0/0/0/20 1PD - Ophelie Seize 0/20/0/0/20 1PD - Guilty Light 25/0/25/0/20 1PD - Musashi 25/0/0/0/20 1PD - Snake...
  11. EvilUpholsterer

    Sakura's Splendid Store (Closed)

    Hello! Selling stuff that you might want, cheaply. I won't list prices as I want people to buy what they need for what they can afford. As long as your offer isn't ridiculously low, I will most likely accept it. And yes, I did type all this out by hand. Can't be bothered to download an Item...
  12. Magby

    Magby's Trade List (CLOSED)

    Discord: Magby#8722 (I will be able to reply faster) Open to offers on most items :) ___________________ I take Photon Drops / Meseta / Photon Crystals 1PD : 500k Meseta : 1PC ____________________________________ WEAPONS UNITS ARMOURS BARRIERS/SHIELDS TECHNIQUES MATERIALS...
  13. majinToorah

    majinToorah's Boutique

    I will update with prices as I learn them. Feel free to message me offers as long as you're not trying to pull my leg :wacko: *I’m also open to trades, even for the 30 hit Cannon Rouge if the trade is fair. Looking for stuff that would be good for a Hunter/HUmar* Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/30/30 - 95...
  14. Lepvelx

    Nei's claw funds store

    Selling everything, feel free to make an offer. I accept PDs (If you have a real Neis claw send me a dm) Gladius [Tempest] [0/0/30/0|0] Calibur +3 [Gush] [0/40/0/0|50] Gungnir +7 [Burning] [0/0/0/0|35] Gungnir +8 [Arrest] [0/0/35/0|50] Gungnir +10 [Freeze] [0/0/0/20|50] Vjaya [Charge]...
  15. Lepvelx

    Selling everything

    I accept photon drops and gold badges DB's Saber 0 5 0 0 DB's Saber 0 20 0 0 DB's Saber 0 0 0 0 DB's Saber 0 0 5 0 Flowen's sword 0 0 0 0 Flowen's sword 5 0 0 0 Flowen's sword 0 20 25 0 Dragon Slayer 0 40 0 30 Geist Ripper +10 0 0 0 0 45 Blade dance 0 0 0 0 Bersek Gugnir 0 0 0 0 50 Gae Bolg 45...
  16. Tekkium

    A> 60h Spirit Vulcans [closed: 12 PD]

    Reserve 10pds 48 hour countdown 24 hour resets
  17. AzrialSkye

    Skye's Scraps and Savory Sundries

    Since my return to PSO since my Gamecube days, I've been stashing just about anything I pick up. Needless to say, I've amassed a bit of a horde... SO! I've decided to take inventory, and invite anyone to browse at their leisure. Also, all sales are final, barring extenuating circumstances. I'm...
  18. YamiSora

    Yami Sora's Trade List

    Accepting: PDs PCs Eggs (2Eggs = 1PD) Meseta (500K = 1PD) Just offer! Discord: YamiSora#8000
  19. Lepvelx

    Buy my eggs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I have 2 event eggs for 1pd
  20. Lepvelx

    Selling some stuff

    -DBs saber x4 -Flowens sword x2 -Blade dance -Photon claw -Hildebear head x2 -Booma right arm x2 -Gigobooma right arm -Photom ticket -Event egg