1. Craaaaaaaaaaaaig

    Mags for sale

    Hello Ephineans, I'm Craig and I sell mags. If you're interested in purchasing a mag the best way to reach me is on DISCORD. I will only be checking the forums periodically. Discounts are available when purchasing more than one mag. The mag shop is currently CLOSED. Thank you so much for...
  2. PreSonus

    -tentatively closed- Mag shop - Phantasy Star Mag Corp. - Selling all kinds of mags

    The price for each mag is 1 mag : Only600,000 meseta or 1 mag : Only 2PDs. How to contact me: You can contact me either by replying this thread, sending private messages, or accessing my Discord "PreSonus #1634" [All mags are Sync 120/IQ 200 guaranteed] POW>DEX type mags POW160 DEX35 POW150...
  3. hooty

    Hardcore Mags (Moved: read for details)

    Your friendly mag trainer proudly serving the HC community! **Accepting normal and hardcore currencies.** I have moved to only customs! Please visit the link below! Custom Mag Orders Please refer to this link...
  4. Nyte

    Very Purple Sato for Annie

    Pressed some buttons, moved some sliders. Used someone elses mag skin for this. (It was hard to make the base white sato texture to this purple, but somehow the texture on this black one was much easier to work with. thanks Nomnomnom!) the black sato skin is located here...
  5. Annie's (more purpler) Sato.

    Annie's (more purpler) Sato.

    Very Purple Sato for Annie. Hope you like it!! I used someone else's Sato mod and just changed the color. see the thread for details.
  6. New GC character

    New GC character

    I restarted my GC adventures fresh with a copy of PAL GC recently, this is my first character. lvl 76 at the time of this posting, i want a bit more atp before going to ult, so i'm hanging out in vh ruins.
  7. XiCwoodXi

    Cwood's Mag Shop: LV 200 Sato, Nidra, Rati, Kama, 185 Mind Mags!

  8. XiCwoodXi


  9. Lileya

    Lileya's custom mag shop [CLOSED]

    Custom mags: Price: 2 PDs OR the equivalent of 3 PDs from my list of other type of payments (see below, under other wants) You must provide the mag cell if you'd like a celled mag (I also need it before I can start your mag). I generally take 1 to 3 days to fill out orders. Time varies...
  10. B

    T> My 10/50/40/0 Blue Sato for Mind Mag

    Need a near pure Mind mag. Lvl 100 so i can put a cell on it or already special please.
  11. A challenger approaches!

    A challenger approaches!



    A new avatar I made for myself of Sato シャト doing the [intensify] meme thingamajig.
  13. Triple V801 Drop 2/2

    Triple V801 Drop 2/2

  14. Triple V801 Drop 1/2

    Triple V801 Drop 1/2

  15. Yellow Sato GET!

    Yellow Sato GET!

    My 3rd Sato I've made so far on Ephinea, another POW Sato. This one is for my RAcaseal, Bee, to match her color.
  16. Mind Sato GET!

    Mind Sato GET!

    At long last, I've finally leveled up this mag to evolve into a Sato. It was more of a passion project than anything, since Sato HAS to have 45 DEX on it. DEX and POW are pretty much good for nothing to me on my FOnewearl, Red Fox. But still, I'm glad I have it now. :3
  17. Sato3


    And it is. My first Sato has been obtained. :3
  18. Sato2


  19. Sato1


    Another to do the final level to get my first Sato (on PSO)