1. KingLich

    Greetings friends!

    Hi all I'm just a southern dude in his mid 20's who like old video games. I'm new and figured I'd post here before I dive into the game with my friends this weekend. We've been looking for an mmo with private servers and a small tight knit community of friendly people to play with. This...
  2. D

    A few questions from a new member

    Hello! returning to this game after probably 10 years?! crazy! I was wondering a few things: 1. how does one assign commands to the keyboard numbered shortcuts at bottom of screen? I haven't been able to figure it out, nothing in menus that I can see. 2. Is there a way to play the offline...
  3. A

    Game Crashes Immediately after selecting make new character

    I'm on Manjaro (linux, based on Arch) and running through Lutris. I just installed the game and the tutorials either don't work on my architecture or I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help me?
  4. Z

    Zeuzo is ready to rock and roll!

    Yo the name is Zeuzo, one of my mates plays PSOBB 24/7 and wanted me to get back into it. So i decided to give ephinea a try. I used to play Ultima but quit due to friends moving on to other games or servers. But here i am, back on this game. My first ever experience was on the Game Cube and...
  5. fwab123

    First time online player here

    Hey, everyone! This is my first time playing Phantasy Star Online, well, online! I used to play the game on my GameCube ages ago but it always offline. So, if you don't mind letting a scrub join your party then let me know, haha.
  6. C

    New to PsoBB

    So I've played the old GMC one (episode 1 and 2) but this episode 4 is new to me, I'm rather excited. I'll start in solo player for now, it's been a decade since I last played pso. Just one thing I'm wondering about that I can't decide on: Partisan or Rifle?
  7. G

    Looking for team

    Hello. My 3 friends and I are just starting off on this server and are all looking for a team with space for all 4 of us. The hope is that it already has dressing room unlocked or is working on it, and that they have patience in us leveling and working our way up. Thank you for your time reading...
  8. pso_zet

    Team Pristine! [CLOSING]

    Hello all! Former Phantasy Star General (PSG) Co-captain here... I present to you... Team Pristine on PSO! We are a small team dedicated to giving newbies a place to start while at the same time slowly climbing the team rankings to get special bonuses. We will also be doing fun events like...
  9. TaoChaos

    OMG I'm playing PSO!!!

    Halloooo!! I've been playing PSO on Gamecube since it was released, have 2 memory cards holding 8 characters (and an embarrassing amount of hours logged), but I had never played it online before! I'm so very excited. Made a new RaMarl this morning and ran solo through the forest. No, not "ran"...
  10. ElPeloRojo

    New Compared to Most

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd put up a little about me since I do like to join people and vice versa. Normally, I'll/I've be playing on my RAmarl character named Sheily. I've been playing for a while just to see how things are on the server and see what the community is like. I'm glad I found...