1. 2PercentNate

    A> Calibur [Geist] [0/0/0/45|80] • CHB: 1511 (CLOSED)

    Res: 400pd Countdown: 48hrs Resets: 24hrs Additional accepted currency: Photon Crystal - 1pd Photon Sphere - 95pd Wants: Red Ring - (value depends on stats) Gifoie lv30 - 250pd Adept - 40pd Rambling May 30H - 30pd Cannon Rouge 30H - 35pd Lame/Excalibur 20H - (value depends on stats) v502 -...
  2. TheGeologist

    A> DoB 35/0/0/15/55 [55 Hit] - SOLD @ 175 PDs

    I've been holding on to this for a couple of years and am FINALLY ready to part with it. Reserve: 50 pds The clock ticks down 72 hours from first bid.
  3. Spuz

    A> Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/0|15] [DONE]

    Res: 1pd Initial bid- 48h Reset CHB Bids- 24h Resets
  4. Spuz

    A> Flowen's Sword (3084) [Spirit] [20/0/0/0|35] [DONE]

    Res: 5pd Initial bid- 48h Reset CHB Bids- 24h Resets
  5. vri

    B>Galatine, Girasole, Red Sword, Red Saber, Flowen's, etc

    Am buying almost every rare sword for Humar with high hit 50 or plus in the game mostly wanted the ones listed on topic. Also elysion, kaladbolg and DB's swords wanted. I accept trades. Let me know what you have. Thanks