1. Spuz

    2c4 EXP broken.

    Was playing this stage with Paganini + Pdxdash, and about 17minutes into the stage we realized we were getting no EXP from the enemies. (The purple text appears but the characters didn't gain any). We tried this with different hosts and remade to test the game was not bugged alone. Tried other...
  2. Spuz

    EXP Glitched/Desync

    Recently since the last update, EXP keeps rising but you do not receive level up. If you change blocks it reverts to what it should be. Example:

    Differences in required EXP per level between classes?

    I was just wondering whether each of the classes requires the same amount of EXP from level to level. I guess I could find out by starting new chars and paying attention, but I don't wanna. It makes sense to me if HUnters require less than RAngers, because it's more difficult for them to tag...