1. Nahte

    Crashing in One Person mode

    Game mode is always One Person when this happens. I've yet to crash like this in a multi-player game. It's also only happened to me while playing Ultimate, though I honestly didn't play much One Person mode throughout the earlier difficulties. So far, I've only experienced it on a Purplenum...
  2. Zelpha

    Crash on Launch

    Whenever I try to launch the game, it crashes. I've already tried setting compatibility modes, as well as running as Admin. I'm running on Windows 7, and used to be able to run this just fine. I'm sorry if there's already a known fix for this, and I'm just being dumb, but I'm running at a loss...
  3. A

    The most annoying random crash ever!

    So there is this random crash that happens in my game and I have no clue what triggers it. Sometimes I will be gaming alone or with a friend and suddenly as I’m playing the music will cut but the game will keep going on. Then after a few seconds the game will just stop, white screen and tell me...
  4. Z

    PSO shut down

    Hello ! I just installed the game today and every time I try to attack, the game randomly shut down. Well when I say every time, sometime it takes one hit, sometime five or seven. I didn't got to pass the first room of forest T_T My friend did exactly the same things as I, and used the same...