PSO shut down


Hello ! I just installed the game today and every time I try to attack, the game randomly shut down. Well when I say every time, sometime it takes one hit, sometime five or seven. I didn't got to pass the first room of forest T_T

My friend did exactly the same things as I, and used the same installer, but got no issues or whatsoever.

What I did to try to correct this :
Disabling real-time protection of anti-virus
Adding online.exe and pso folder to the anti-virus exceptions
Starting the game as administrator

My settings are :
Resolution 1024x768 (32 bits)
Window Mode/Wait V-Sync/Word Wrap all enabled
Graphics : normal

Also am on window 7 pro if it has anything to do with it.

(Also my account is a "hardcore" one and I changed both my name and my section ID)

Thanks in advance.


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Windows has a section called "Data Execution Prevention".

Either select the first option of "On for essential Windows programs and services only" or add PSOBB to the exception list, if you use the second option.


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Thank you very much. It seems to work for now. Sorry am not use to the "DEP" term but I found it after those explanations and modified it "the right way" or so I hope.