What is the most fun character class to play

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  1. Hello, my name's Tate. I'm new here and am curious which class is the most fun to play in this game for the long haul.

    I've played PSO many times on GameCube when I was a kid but feel like a beginner again now that I'm diving back into the game. Considering how much of a time investment it is to get to a high level in this game I want to know what you all think is the most fun character to play. Mainly considering the types of weapons available and how fun it is to grind with them without it becoming too repetitive and boring.

    Usually, I choose a Humar (boring I know) because I love that I can use a bit of everything and close combat was always more fun to me but after playing a bit with forces and rangers I'm starting to reconsider, especially after seeing some of the amazing weapons available for rangers.

    Obviously, this is a subjective matter but I'm curious what you all enjoy playing the most and why. Maybe you can sway me to your side :D
  2. CTB

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    There is only HUcast.

    I guess you can play FOmar if you want the most variety, or a FOmarl if you don't have time to gear up a FOmar.

    If HUcast is too much for you to handle, RAcast can shoot swords.

    I'm pretty sure that is all playable classes in PSOBB. Theres a walking urinal if you dont want hit weapons
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  3. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    If you like HUmar for "Jack-of-all-Trades" playstyle, FOmar does that better.

    The highest DPS in this game is with ranged weapons. People use HUcasts because they have the highest ATP and can use Sacrificial Mechguns (Spirit, Berserk, Charge) which yield the highest DPS in the game. RAcasts come in a close second because of their use of Needle/Shot weapons, and access to Freeze Traps over RAmar. Guaranteed CC is everything in optimal super end-game content. RAmar is a good choice if you play with others often as there's always Trap Users in a party, RAcast if you tend to solo more.

    That being said, Every class can comfortably clear all content with mostly free (under 1pd each) gear, and the content is further trivialized when playing with others, so just play what you enjoy.
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  4. ChicoSuave

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    I main a RAcast, but I've had a ton of fun with RAmarl in the past. Level 20 techs make her a great all-around character whether you play solo or with others, and can be a big help in groups without a FO. Plus she's got that neat-o gangster handgun animation.
  5. Xurai

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    I enjoy hunewearl and ramarl because of their ability to support others as well as dish out damage. I recently made a hucaseal I'm working on which after not playing a cast since the GC days has also been fun.

    Comes down to your playstyle really but there's no true right or wrong. I'm sure eventually you'll have 2 or 3 or 4 characters. :)

    Enjoy and hope to see you around!
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  6. Alakaboom

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    I prefer Racaseal, because cute Dfp monster, more ata than ract, more evp than ract, and = mst. only less in atp/hp but that 2000HP mark is <3
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  7. Jason

    Jason Member

    RAmarl. Only thing is I feel like a waste of a party slot if a FO is presented.
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  8. Thank you for all the replies! This helps me choose with a little more information. I'll probably end up making more than one character to get the complete experience of this game as Xurai mentioned ;D

    I'm curious now, which class gets the coolest weapons? This is subjective as well but I remember this game being most fun when finding and using that new amazing special weapon. Since I usually chose hunters and never got past lvl 80 I missed A TON of weapons. Who can get the most amazing weapons?

    Also, is Humar considered a bad class to choose? I mostly prefer the way humans look in this game hence why I always choose HUmar but I saw a few posts saying Humar is a trash class. Is this true?
  9. Kamui

    Kamui S.

    HUmar doesn't get a lot of love because he's weaker than HUcast, has less ATA than HUcaseal and he can't buff like HUnewearl. Also no traps.
    Don't get me wrong, he still is a monster, just get yourself a high hit DoB + Thirteen or a high hit real Flowen's + Adept and destroy.

    It really comes down to your playstyle in the end. :)

    Edit: I know it's probably lame to some people, but personally Dark Flow is my absolute favorite.
    I love the risk=reward about it, gives me goosebumps every time. XD
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  10. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    TLDR; At the end of the day when it comes to HUmar and HUcast you're choosing between;
    Traps (guaranteed utility) or Techs (damage, support, reduced utility)
    Utility Specials (non-reduced blizzard, arrest) or Damage Specials (non-reduced demons, ATA buffed hell)

    Not a bad class. Memes aside (and yes, when people trash humar, 80% of the time they're joking). Just not the "best" class. People forget that HUmar has the second highest ATP in the game, and will always last longer in the field that HUcast as HUmar doesn't rely on mates/traps or Telepipes even with Ryuker. HUmar gets better ATA which means better Hell, unreduced Demon's Special, Access to Virus Armor, Spirit Weapons, and Techiniques.

    But the bottom line is that even FOmar's will get 1k+ Charge Vulcan crits. Sacrificial Weapons almost trivialize Class Choice due to how overpowered they are. You're going to hit like a truck regardless. Just as long as you're fine with people making the occasional joke at your classes expense, HUmar is great. You can always take solace in the fact that your ceiling for soloing content is much higher than theirs (unless it's a FOmar).

    And keep in mind that if people strictly adhered to the Class Min/Maxing that they preach in the discord and on the forums, people would only play HUcasts and FOnewms. :shrug:. And we know that's not the case. ;)
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  11. anime

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    Any HU or non-fonewearl FO
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  12. DiZzy

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    I'm a bit biased(having 8 RA now) but if you like a lazier style of play with tons of weapon options that can still throw down for fast quest clears then RAcast/RAmar are the way to go.
    Also not having to rely on low hp for DF is more party friendly and gives you a more open ended approach when new to the game.

    Not saying HUct is bad(he is the king) just that trying to DF all the time in public parties is gonna lead to some bad times.

    My 2cents. I'm a RA freak :3
  13. cameron-

    cameron- Cameron

    All classes are awesome

    the answer is also hunters (and specifically hucast)
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  14. Spaghetti O's

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    HUmar of course! Because what other class is there?
  15. KatawaFriendo

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  16. Eistee

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    Are you me?
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  17. Rune

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  18. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    RAcast is probably your best long term solution. HUcast has the highest DPS with Dark Flow (in regular Ultimate), but you have to work really hard at never getting hit since the Dark Flow special only works when you're below (I think) 12.5% of your max HP.

    Also, with the recent addition of Anguish levels, significantly beefier enemies, and not being able to one-shot everything with Dark Flow; HU has become much more dangerous to play. I'm not sure a HUcast would be able to outdamage a RAcast on say, Anguish 3 or higher. It would be interesting to see.

    If you choose to never play on Anguish, I still think RAcast is more FUN to play than HUcast. Even though HUcast can outdamage RAcast in most areas on base Ultimate, the idea of having to rote memorize every spawn in every quest, know exactly where to stand, and never being able to make a mistake...idk all of that sounds like "not fun" to me.

    I have a Lv. 200 HUcast but I haven't used DF on Ephinea. It just doesn't look fun to me. The weapon is just too different form everything else in the game and it forces the entire team to cater to the DF user. It's annoying. Don't be one of those guys.

    Also RAcasts are fun and fat. HUcasts are series like Kireek and have no sense of humor. They'll say mean things about your mom.
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  19. Aleron Ives

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    Eh, standing in one place and pressing A to spam Charge Arms on everything is incredibly boring, rather than fun, IMO. I usually end up meleeing on Rangers just to break up the monotony.
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  20. cameron-

    cameron- Cameron

    virtually every class in the game can do something better than any other class can, and someone really concerned with min/max would have reason to play all of them.

    humar is probably the only exception- he's completely outmoded and made obsolete by the other hunters.
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