Weird/amusing glitch with the /lobby command


I noticed that occasionally, using /lobby in certain areas will cause the quest loading screen to pop up, and then you'll be sent to a random location for about one second before being sent back to the lobby.

I've always appeared in Pioneer 2, right by the warp to the Principal's office, but just a few minutes ago I /lobby'd out of free roam Seabed and I'm pretty sure I ended up in the Ruins, with no visible doors. It was hard to tell for sure because the screen faded out too quickly though.

Anyway, I just thought this was amusing and wanted to point it out.


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Its because.

The command requires being in a quest (reason? Some coding thing idk)

So when you are not in a quest it ''creates'' one for you. Then sends you to lobby from that ''quest''.

@Matt could explain it better.


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To boot the player to the lobby, the command QEXIT is executed, but it can only be executed inside quests, so if you use /lobby while not in a quest, it'll load a dummy quest for you and then proceed to kick you.