Unlocking episode 1 quests?


I just completed all the main story quests up to the grand squall but nothing new is showing up. Am I missing something?


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It's also contained in the FAQ:

http://ephinea.pioneer2.net/faq.php said:
Q. Where are all the "One Person" quests?

A. To open up more Single Player or "One Person" quests, you actually have to complete the Government Quests Momoka and Elly give you.

For example, if you don't do any of them in Episode I, you'll never see quests like "The Value of Money", "The Lost Bride", "Secret Delivery" and so on.

The more you progress with doing both Government quests and the Single Player quests, the more quests will become available for you to play.

You can only do Single Player quests one time per difficulty, at first, but once you do ALL of them in a particular difficulty, they will all unlock for you to play in that difficulty repeatedly.

Progress in quests is saved on a per difficulty basis. Unlocking or beating quests in Normal does not affect Hard mode and so on.


Government quests can be cleared fairly quickly with the right friends. Let them each start a different quest in the order you need to clear them. They wait just before the final room of the quest. THey wait for you to join finish the final room and submit clearance to momoka. Then you move to the other friend and repeat. With enough friends you can clear those gov quests fairly quickly


Let me be specific.

If you go into one person mode then the early Forests quests are available. Clear those 3 and the others up to Gran Squall will unlock.

Now you need to do Gov Quests up to the Dragon so caves are unlocked. I checked the pillar too just to make sure, on the second quest to kill large wild animals.

This now opens the first few caves quests and these unlock is stages too so Black Paper is not avail at the start. Addicting Food is though, so on ult you could keep this unlocked for all your caves hunting requirements, nothing has such large and predictable spawns.

Assuming that doing gov quests to De Rol Le will unlock the mines in single player


When doing the government quests, after completion you are back at the ship. When you go back into the game, the quest that has been done is still white. Is that how it works and you just select the next quest on the list?. The first quests are all greyed out you see and unsure if the government quests should be greyed out or not. Any help here would be grateful as I don't fancy doing all the government quests to find out that my progress isn't being saved.

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorted now. I was having a blonde moment. I didn't realise there were only 3 quests to do for unlocking the caves. It makes sense now tho if you think of the one player mode on the original Dreamcast game and the games before BB. I did know about when all are completed that you can play them in any order after.. Had Akiko's Frying Pan a few times. lol
Still can't work out why you get a Moon Atomiser for completing the extra quest regarding the baby animal. Not found anything extra on that one yet and I've been trying since Dreamcast release. (2000/1 ish).
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