Unique Server Features


I started in August and haven't really been back since November.

Now that I'm back, I'm noticing little quality of life things around Pioneer 2 Ep.1:
The lady with information on unique quests in the guild, a tekker that gambles, etc.

What are some other features like this?
I want to make sure I know all about any events that are happening, yet I find navigating the forum to be a bit...well, sporadic at times.

Is there a thread with a collective list of information?


Toxicest player
There's the official change-log topic, although it looks like it hasn't been updated in over a month.

A few tid-bits here and there in the news section of the forum.

Between those 2 links you should get a pretty good idea of what's been added/changed on the server. And as always there's the quick question/answer thread

Just off the top of my head which you didn't mention in your original post: White day event is coming soon, and weekly milestones


Thanks for the heads up, everyone!
Now all I need is a dedicated group to hunt with and I'll be set! Haha