TTF - post dragon freeze


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never seen anything like this happen in all my years playing...

quite simply, i joined a party of three (4 total) and played TTF through the dragon, and after his dying animation, i was running around trying to find my player on the camera to avoid getting hit by his fall. when the completion dialogue came around, i was next to a box with my gun partially in it, and at that time i could not move or press any buttons. the game did not freeze; i was able to see the other players moving around and breaking boxes, but i resorted to force-quitting the game.

not sure if it's helpful, but i thought i would report it here nonetheless.


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Never heard of that either. :p Sounds like your input stopped working or some other oddity. To me, that sounds like something glitched with your client and not necessarily the server.


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This happens to me sometimes if I try to talk and a prompt pops up before I can finish.


ephinea music instructor
hmm, interesting. i don't remember trying to talk, but i could have inadvertently hit space before the dialogue.

then again, i used to pride myself in being able to fire off chats before ttf dialogues, so who knows. thanks for the replies regardless :)