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but how on earth do people have the patience to level up characters? i mean damn i do understand how fun it is to trade items and find rare items but i mean you gotta grind for sooooo long (literal waste of life). i used to do it years ago i understand but my god is it stupid! how do you do it people??? yes i think sandbox mode is a little ridiculous because it eliminates trading and variety among players since everyone is max level but myyyyyyyyyyyyy god is leveling tedious. sure its more fun if theres a few people playing with you but sitting there zoned out going pew pew pew with a level 10 mag, a rifle, etc is HORRIBLE. You have to have zero self respect for yourself.
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To be honest, the first character you grind is by far the worst. When you can get your first character to go and root out things for your subsequent characters, it gets much better.

I've restarted 5 times over the years and I'm still here! :)


starting from scratch is pretty shortlived and easily bypassed with help from others
ill help if you actually want it

sandbox seems well suited for you maybe just play that for a while


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Most people actually hate the very start of the grind (after doing it for the first time anyway) in literally every game, and PSO is no exception, but the grind later on is enjoyable and it's nice to feel accomplished working to the end point (200).

That's pretty much it.
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