The Humar and His Party Role:

Next up in our party role discussion we have the humar. He is not the most popular hunter. Most player either favor the Hunewearl's support techs or the hucasts abundant traps and dominant ATP. Many look at him as a nerfed hucast who traded his traps and 200 atp for a weak resta. In this observation, they are somewhat correct. However, the Humar offers a balanced build of mixed abilities. He is a very flexible character and worth considering.

Looking At the Humar:

As a human the humar doesn't regenerate anything by standing still. However, he gets 250 materials plus the traditional 125 hp and tp mat build. This makes him one of the easier hunters to max out and offers some flexibility on the road to level 200. The Humar gets level 15 techs, but cannot learn shifta, deband, reverser, megid, or grants. His anti is also capped at level 5 meaning he cannot cure jellen and zalure or ice. His tech base is obviously better than the robots, but not quite up to the Hunewearl's level. He sports a very balanced growth potential and can be a worth addition to any party.

The Stats:

The Humar has the second highest ATP and HP in the hunter class. His ATP is better than any one's other than the hucasts. His ATA, DFP and EVP are all middle of the pack for the hunters, but he doesn't suffer the high ata gap that the huney does. His MST is the second worst in the game(not counting the casts who don't have any), but it can still be useful if you concentrate some mats into that area. The Humar's stats are very balanced and offer a wide variety of options.

Damage Dealing:

The Humar's ATP is top tier and like all hunters he deals this damage in a concentrate area. This is either done to a single enemy or a cluster of them with a sword or slicer. Damage dealing is the main role the humar should fill in a party. He can make quick work of most foes with his weapons, especially if he has the support of a force, hunewearl or ramarl.

In the tech department, the humar's attack techniques are pretty worthless. Like the Hunewearl, he can use gifoie to stop a charge or rabarta to freeze something. There are some other situational uses, but overall this attack techs are no match for his weapons. Get a sword and chop the foes down with it. Unlike a cast, however you have TP which means you can use a spirit special weapon to amp up your damage and they cannot.


Like the hunewearl, the humar lacks the 30% boost to special attacks that the casts get. His ata is sufficient for the job, but there are not a lot of good weapon available to him to disable an opponent. A 50 hit raygun, the red sword or a rainbow baton are probably his best options. If you can get his MST above 680, the holy ray can be a valuable weapon to gather. But most humars won't have that much MST before reaching level 160+. Still, it's worth considering if you want something to disable strong single opponents with. Overall, you are better off leaving control to the casts and rangers.

Support and Recovery:

Generally, a force, hunwearl or ramarl will be in charge of the party's support. Their jellen and zalure are stronger than the humar's and they have shifta and deband available while he doesn't. However, if you don't have one of them, the humar's jellen and zalure are worth considering. His jellen is shorter range, and less effective. But, it still makes a noticeable difference. There are many times that it will keep you from getting knocked down. Likewise his zalure can shave a couple of hits off an opponent’s health. It is especially helpful against stronger enemies and bosses. Sred blades can supply you and a party level 3 shifta and deband. This can be helpful for soloing or if nothing better is available.

The recovery side is a completely different story. As I stated above a humar is a hucast with no traps and less ATP in exchange for resta. You chose it, so you might as well use it. Your resta will restore about 60 to 70% of the hunewearls and about half as much as a force depending on your MST. This is sufficient for self-healing between waves and can buy a team mate a couple more hits until a better healer can intervene. You can also fire off multiple restas to top off a hp line between fights. Likewise your anti works just as well as anybody else’s, unless your team mate is frozen. It's a useful tool if you pick up a status effect or need to get one off a teammate.


The humar is a beefcake fighter focusing on dealing high damage. He is a little less powerful than the hucast, but also a little more flexible. This support and recovery block is not impressive, but it can supplement the primary support party member as needed. It can also do the job solo if nobody else can. The Humar is a jack of all trades and a master of none. But sometimes flexibility is worth more than a single concentration. He is worth considering if you want resta, but prefer better base stats than the hunewearl. He is a well-rounded and fun class to play.

Aleron Ives

I have to admit, I'm rather impressed that somebody took the time to write up a HUmar analysis, because most people's HUmar analysis would be:

HUmar exists to keep your save slot warm until you have time to make a HUcast. For best results, delete the HUmar and make the HUcast as quickly as possible.



Staff member
It's mostly true in V3+, though!

Only thing HUmar is objectively better for is BA, otherwise you're usually better just taking a FO or a cast in your party, although he's obviously not "useless".