Team Pristine: Discord Server


As usual our discord server link keeps on getting lost in the stack of replies over at our official thread, we made this thread just for this.

Team Pristine has grown beyond just PSO1 and therefore security measures were implemented to the server. You will only have access to the Welcome and Rules channel, please follow the instructions given by the bot to gain access to your desired channels (PSO1, PSU and/or PSO2).

The server is open to everyone, not just team members (particularly due to our "Team Alliances" requiring other teams to be informed about the going ons of Pristine). Do note however that we have the right to restrict access or terminate your access to the server if we feel rules are being broken or sensitive information inside the server is being released outside.

The number of people in the discord server is smaller than the number of people in the actual team, and really we feel like NPCs talking whenever we must explain what discord is, so lets clear some things out of the way! :)

Discord is a messaging application built primarily for gamers. Registering is quick, easy and painless, its usually in the form of a web application but you can download a PC client as well as the smartphone app for it. Although touted as a voice chat application, very few of us actually use the voice chat, preferring to use the text channels instead.

A discord server is a group where multiple people can chat or (in the rare occasion... maybe like 5 people if we are lucky:D) voice chat. Once you are registered to discord you just click the link and you will gain access to the server/group. While inside a bot (basically an automatic user) will greet you and instruct you to message the captain or a co-captain. Just drop a message in the Welcome screen and wait for the captain/co captain to assign you a role.

Roles are basically category, aside from the custom ones you can ask for to change your name color or give yourself silly categories :p we also have hidden ones that decide what text channels you have access to; PSO1 (Ephinea players only), PSO2 (Japanese servers, Ship 2 players only) or PSU (Clementine players only). If you are active in all three games you could have access to all three but you will need evidence that you actually play the games aren't just there to troll or cause trouble to players who play the other games! :mad:

I do hope this helps you a lot! If you need help you can contact me on forums or add me on Discord (discord friend code is Leon#9972).

Have Hope Pristine! :)
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