1. Phantasy Star Online 20th Anniversary

    Phantasy Star Online 20th Anniversary

    An Facebook even:
  2. pso_zet

    Team Pristine: Discord Server

    IF YOU GOT DISCORD As usual our discord server link keeps on getting lost in the stack of replies over at our official thread, we made this thread just for this. Team Pristine has grown beyond just PSO1 and therefore security measures were implemented to the server...
  3. pso_zet

    Team Pristine! [CLOSING]

    Hello all! Former Phantasy Star General (PSG) Co-captain here... I present to you... Team Pristine on PSO! We are a small team dedicated to giving newbies a place to start while at the same time slowly climbing the team rankings to get special bonuses. We will also be doing fun events like...
  4. Tangerines


    ...The one that started it all?


    A new avatar I made for myself of Sato シャト doing the [intensify] meme thingamajig.
  6. kaikai

    PSO2 for me in a nutshell (lately)

    >starts off last year spending 300 or so hours playing with a decent team, having fun, etc >team disbands >whered everyone go >i have no friends to play with anymore >spends a couple hours updating through tweaker every week >gets online to try to play with people, cant find any parties or...