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Okay, so as my siggy says, I'm leader of team BrightShadow, but if you look in game, basically anywhere except for the forums the name is BrightShado.

When creating the team it allowed me to type out the entirety of BrightShadow, but I have recently noticed that in lobby and the team selection the name only shows BrightShadow.

I did a bit of experimenting on another account with creating teams, and I get the same result, if it were a problem with the characters being too large and it just cutting off the last one I made the team 1i1i1i1i1i1i, but in lobby the team is 1i1i1i1i1i1, leaving off the last character once again.

I'm not sure what the max number of characters is for team names, but in any case I would like to know if it's the name creation that is messing up, or everything else that displays the name that is messing up.

Thanks a bunch for reading. XP


The team name is 24 bytes (12 unicode chars), one of them being null, you only have a string of (max) 11 chars for the shown name.
Kinda the same happens with the character name but since that one has the language and a tab your effective string becomes (max) 9 chars.


I recall that soda changed the character name for Ephinea
But I was talking about the source (will change for the release too?)
unsigned char name[24]; // 0x3C8-0x3DF;
The first 2 chars will be E\t
Then you are left with a 10 character string but null terminated will be 9 chars

Aleron Ives

I don't think you're supposed to null terminate, because V1/2/3 gives you 12 characters for your name, and BB's name length is the same, except BB wastes 2 characters on <tab>E/J language codes, so that brings the length down to 10. My guess would be that maybe Sega just applied a fixed length for names (read 10/12 characters, then stop reading, regardless of what the 13th byte is), rather than treating them as a string of variable length with null termination. (This could be totally wrong, but Sega managed to let you have 10 characters in your name without bugs somehow.) Maybe somebody can confirm whether V1/2/3 names are null terminated, or something.


Hmm.. that sounds about right... (also don't recall if was \tE or the other way around I guess you are right on that) But also I kinda recall that if you put 10 characters (with the tab and lang) the client will just display "---"

Aleron Ives

Tab is a control character for PSO, so it should theoretically come first, followed by the language code. (Console versions use this to determine if a speech bubble should be parsed as CP 1252 or Shift-JIS, but it's pretty useless for the PC versions, since they use UTF-16LE. Sega was just too lazy to change the game to remove the useless flags.) SCHTServ never seemed to have problems with 10-character names, so maybe it was a custom client hack, or something. I've never heard of BB's name limit being 9 characters, and Soda was apparently able to fix it, although now names appear truncated in chat logs, or something.


But SCHT didn't have the 'lang code' removed did it? It allowed the 10th character at the end of the string to be used, not freeing up a space at the start of the string by removing the E/J right? Or am I mis-remembering?


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Gonna throw this one into here.

When creating a team at the moment, relogging will cause the name to glitch. Here's a pic of team with name test (+ a bugged name):


And after relog: