Support for Higher Resolutions?


IRL FOnewearl
Hi! After asking around a bit on the Discord server, I wanted to post a thread asking for higher resolution support for the game. Based on what I’ve been told so far, the actual implementation shouldn’t be that difficult, but the guy who can do it doesn’t have a high resolution display to test the changes on.

This is where I can help! My laptop has a 4K display and a current Nvidia card, and I’ve spent a pretty good amount of time in emulation circles, so I can confidently relay, troubleshoot, and investigate rendering errors as they come up. So while I’m no endgame expert in PSO, I can totally help with testing this, if that is in fact the main roadblock to implementing higher resolutions.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all of your work in making Ephinea what it is today! ^^
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