Summer Scavenger Event 2021


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Scavenger Event 2021
20th June ~ 4th July
The Scavenger Event for 2021 has begun!

If you're familiar with the event and just want the changes, check the spoiler below!

- Badges are rarer than last year.
- The rewards have been buffed accordingly. The high-end rewards are stronger than 2020 to account for the badge rate change.
- Reintroduced selected seasons skins as rewards for the first time since Seasons Shop 2018! Also removed selected combinations that produced weapons which didn't function.

What is the Scavenger Event?

In this event, "Section ID Badges" will drop all around Ragol in the various areas. It's up to the community to find them all and trade them in for a selection of prizes depending on how many you trade in.

The badges are now area drops, and can drop off any enemy in the area, but only if you're hunting on that specific ID. The drop rate is 1/2,000 (no longer the case, it's now much closer to 2020's rate) for every badge, and when the badge drops, it will drop for every player in the party.

Furthermore, every day at 13:00 UTC (06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 22:00 JST), the badge locations will shuffle around, so the community will have to band together once again to find out the new locations!

The drop locations will be updated in this thread by the mod team, but it's up to the community to report it. Only badge drops reported in here will be added to the OP.


Depending on the amount of unique badges you give in, you'll be able to retrieve different rewards:
  • Any Badge: Rabbit Ears, Cat Ears, Item Ticket, Heart of Morolian, Pioneer Parts
  • 3 Different Badges: 5 Photon Drops
  • 6 Different Badges: 25 Photon Drops
  • 8 Different Badges: 1 Photon Sphere
  • Every Badge: Choice of Heart of Daisy Chain, Heart of Rianov 303SNR, Heart of Rabbit Wand
    • Note that these skins may produce weapons with slight cosmetic issues. The weapons should be functionally fine. If you are unsure about these items, feel free to test them on a sandbox account using /item.
    • Heart of Daisy Chain: /item 030E2800
    • Heart of Rianov 303SNR: /item 030E2A00
    • Heart of Rabbit Wand: /item 030E2C00

    • Any combinations that produced functionally broken weapons were removed as part of the maintenance today.
Please note that the Section ID Badge Shop will close on 5th July (day after event ends).

Drop Locations (last update July 3rd at 19:00 UTC)

All areas can drop badges other than Tower.

Forest: Forest 1, Forest 2
Cave: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Mine: Mine 1, Mine 2
Ruins: Ruins 1, Ruins 2, Ruins 3

Temple: Temple Alpha, Temple Beta
Spaceship: Spaceship Alpha, Spaceship Beta
CCA: CCA, Jungle North, Jungle East, Mountain, Seaside
Seabed: Seabed Upper, Seabed Lower

Crater: All 4 Routes (or Wilderness) and Interior
Desert: Desert 1, Desert 2, Desert 3
  • Viridia: ???
  • Greenill: Forest
  • Skyly: ???
  • Bluefull: Ruins
  • Purplenum: Spaceship
  • Pinkal: CCA
  • Redria: Mines
  • Oran: Crater
  • Yellowboze: ???
  • Whitill: Seabed

Other Information
  • There are no restrictions as to what quests badges can drop from. (Except the usual no drop candidates such as Maximum Attack S that never drop anything all year.)
  • You can only find badges in Ultimate mode.
  • You cannot find badges from scared Rappies or boxes.
  • You are unable to trade badges with other players. (You must actively participate in the event and find the badges yourself.)
  • You can only trade badges while the shop is loaded in Ultimate mode.
  • Specific rewards at the Section ID Shop can only be claimed once per day, per account. After claiming a time-limited reward, you may claim it again at 00:00 UTC the following day. (You may have to reload the quest for the NPCs to recognize the time change if you're in the quest as the day changes.)
  • It is encouraged that people work together to post the location of the badges after locations have been shuffled.
  • Each ship will automatically globally announce the location of a badge when it is first found, on that ship, following a location shuffle. So, each badge location may be announced 3 times per day.
  • Badge locations shuffle immediately at 13:00 UTC (06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, 22:00 JST). You do not need to recreate your party.
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The "Heart of .." items in the 10 badge trade are from the 2018 Seasons Shop. These items can be used on the following weapons with cosmetic issues noted. It is strongly recommended you check these weapons and combinations yourself in sandbox, just so you know what you're getting.

  • Tsumikiri J-Sword - No blue sphere when using the special, but the blue pillars are still visible.
  • Red Sword
  • Flowen's Sword (3084) - Has some odd transparency for the blade but looks really cool.
  • Zanba
  • Dark Flow - The texture on the hilt flickers.

  • Frozen Shooter
  • Bringer's Rifle
  • Spread Needle - The needle projectiles are really small but weapon is otherwise functional.

  • Glide Divine

There were additional combinations allowed for these items in the past but these combinations have been removed from the server meaning no new ones can be created. If you have one of those functionally broken weapons, you can use a Neutralizer on it to return it to the original weapon.

Around the end of the event, the seasons shop will be reopened to allow you to acquire a Neutralizer for free. These items can revert the skinned weapon back to its original form.
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I was busy earlier and didn't have time to update the list for June 20th.

The badges do shuffle at 0UTC but there was no banner for the shuffle this time. It should be fixed for the next shuffle.

I likely misjudged the badge rate when considering the buff to the rewards. This year's high-end rewards are more than 2x better than 2020, and I mistakenly assumed this would translate roughly to halving the badge rate.

The badge rate was just patched with a significant buff. I'll be monitoring the badge findings over the next couple of days and possibly ending the event a day later.
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I also added Whitill in Crater to the list. It was found a couple hours ago and reported in Discord.


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If I might offer a suggestion: Rotate the badges every 2 days or change the time the "day shifts" each year the event is held.

The badges "shift" right at 7PM Central Time. Which is 5PM Pacific Time. Which is when half the USA gets off work.

Prettymuch anyone who works full time in the USA is at a huge disadvantage for "peak badge finding time" and it's quite unfair. It's been this way every year.

When I get off work at 7PM Central Time, the chances of me randomly finding a correct area / ID combo are almost zero. That is very demoralizing for me knowing that someone else who had spare time even a few hours ago was "getting a lot more out of their efforts" than I am. When the badges shift, it will typically take several hours before a few are found, and then it's bedtime for the average person in the USA. The next day, when a bunch of badges are known and people are excited to hunt them, most of the USA players are at work.

Either the event should have a different "shift" time each year so that full time employees in the USA don't get screwed out of the best badge hunting hours every year, or the badges should shift every two days (instead of one) so that we have a chance to hunt some of the "known" badges instead of just doing all the work of discovering them while everyone else reaps the benefits.

Edit: Deleted redundant post. Also, on Discord it was discussed that shifting every 30 hours might better than every 24 since the "prime time" shifts daily. Anyway, I didn't know this had been discussed in years prior, so I'm leaving it at that.
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The badges were immediately shuffled as part of the maintenance that just completed. I removed the found badges for today in the OP.

The badge reset time was changed to 0 Pacific Time. Note that this means the next reset is in about 13 hours, 50 minutes from the time of this post.

More details here:

I will probably keep the 'significantly buffed' badge rate a bit longer. I was planning on giving it a tiny nerf (nowhere near the initial rate, don't worry) because event might be too strong, but losing some progress on found badges is unfortunate. So that buffed rate will stay for a while longer.
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The badge shop is still using UTC 00:00 as the trade of the day time, though, as I didn't change that. So, to recap:

- Badge locations change at 00:00 Pacific Time.
- Badge trades reset at 13:00 UTC, which is 06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, and 22:00 JST.
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07:00UTC is the time when there will be the least number of players, so can you please make it another time?
That's kind of irrelevant because that is the time the badges get shuffled, meaning there are 24 hours FROM THAT POINT to find the badges.

So players in the Pacific Time zone can find the badges between 00:00 and 23:59, players in the Eastern Time zone can find the badges between 03:00 and 02:59, players in UTC can find them between 07:00 and 06:59, though players in Japan would be looking between 16:00 and 15:59.

With this configuration, I'm sad to admit, Japan gets shafted the most because all badge locations are reset during the evening in Japan, but the current situation is the most ideal for all other time zones because it gives them the most amount of time to find badges before they're reset. And, when they do reset, the majority of players have probably already went to sleep, at least on the weekdays.

So, yeah, the badge reset time will not change from what it is now.


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OK, I thought about it again. I guess it doesn't have to reset at 00:00 on any particular time zone, so I've gone ahead and changed the badge shuffle times AGAIN.

Now the badges will shuffle at 13:00 UTC, which is 06:00 PDT, 09:00 EDT, and 22:00 JST.

This gives EU players between 13:00-12:59 to find the current badges, Pacific US players between 06:00 and 05:59 to find the badges, Eastern US players between 09:00 and 08:59 to find the badges, and Japan players between 22:00 and 21:59 to find the badges.

I hope this is an acceptable compromise. Currently in effect right away on Fodra and Auldrant, changing Lumireis shortly.

EDIT: Changing this caused a premature shuffle for today, sorry. ;-)
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Uh, not to be rude but it was fine the way it was. This is a 1-hour shift from the original, which was terrible and hardly an improvement.
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This is a 13 hour shift from the original time. The original shuffle time was 0UTC.
I see. Apologies for misreading the army time format.
Can we at least have Skyly, Purplenum, Yellowboze, and Redria re-revealed?


Discord: Apocalypse612#3816 | In-Game: Rayleigh S
Cool, thanks for doing that Sodaboy!~

Ender just posted in the Discord:
Seabed - Skyly
Temple - Purplenum
Caves - Yellowboze
Forest - Redria