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    [2020 EDIT]: Now updated for new Steam Library / GOG Galaxy 2.0 portrait style

    This is Ver. C; 5 more to choose from in the attachments @ end of post
    Download the above image somewhere safe (PSO folder?)

    // STEAM (Skip to Step 4 if you have already added the game to your library)

    • Desktop Mode
      1. Lower left corner: click [+] ADD A GAME > Add a Non-Steam Game...
      2. Wait 10 sec for it to find Ephinea as online.exe -- or use [Browse...] to find online.exe and hit [Add Selected Program]
      3. Search (upper left) for it
      4. Right click it: -> Manage -> Add to Favorites.
      5. Click the X to the right of the search box to clear the search
      6. Click on FAVORITES category header to show favorites as box art
      7. Right click the game: [Set custom artwork]
    • Big Picture Mode
      1. At the main menu, hit the Gear Icon in the upper right corner.
      2. Under the System header, click Add Library Shortcut
      3. Scroll through the list and hit Ephinea PSOBB / online.exe
      4. Find the game in your [Library], hit [Manage Shortcut], then [Change Icon...]
    If the PSO icon in the left sidebar is now messed up, right click PSO there > Properties > CHOOSE ICON and fix it back to the one from online.exe
    Use a Steam Controller or want to use Steam to remap PSO? I have a guide for you

    // GOG 2.0 (Skip to Step 4 if you have already added the game to your library)

    1. At the top of GOG 2.0 click [+] icon -> Add Game Manually
    2. Type "Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst" and click on it when it appears in the results
    3. Click "[Mark as Owned]" at the top. It will immediately change to "[Link Executable]"; click that too.
    4. Find it in your Games list (it'll already have the official Sega artwork)
    5. Right click -> Edit
    6. Info tab: Retitle it to "Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (Ephinea Server)"
    7. Media tab: Click the Tile artwork and install this grid icon
    DISCLAIMERS: No copyright or ownership claimed. This is a mashup of others' images.
    Ephinea is Sodaboy's / the Ephinea staff's. Background image and PSO are (C) SEGA. Made in Paint.NET.

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    Guildcard 2:
    FYI, Steam got a huge library update, and the new images are vertical instead of horizontal. Would you want to make another one for the new format?
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    Done. Six new versions in total to choose from. I left the old one attached as well in case anyone still needs it for whatever reason.

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