Some elements not skinable anymore?


PSOBB plastic surgeon
Hey, long time no see ;)

So i just came back on the server to enjoy the fresh functionalities and maybe rework some stuff on my mod, got the launcher updated, and now it seems i cannot skin some elements as the files are force-updated when i open the launcher.
Files like Title.prs, F512_midashi.prs, texturejapanese...
Is that intentional? Is there a problem on my end or can i bypass the updates?
Would be a little sad if i couldn't use half the work I've done over the years, one thing that always bring me back to pso is the customization, but oh well i hope it helps the greater good.

P.S: The new launcher and updates are really amazing and a real fresh air, thanks for the awesome job!


Staff member
It's for the language settings, if you want to bypass them change your language setting to custom (top-right of the launcher).


PSOBB plastic surgeon
Oh wow i was aware of the in game selection but i definitly missed this one on the launcher.
Thank you very much!