So it has come to my attention...


shit player

go away

You've only been playing PSO for 9 years?

Long time no see.
> Newbie

No its been like 9 years since I stopped playing cause scht went to shit.
Maybe its only been like 7 or 8.
I don't remember.

BUT I AM EFFECTIVELY A NOOB since I like remember nothing about anything and I have none of my old data to fall back on so YEAH STARTING FROM LEVEL 1.

P.S. who the fuck does cmode nowadays that is like half of why I want to play again.


The jobless android
I wish I had more experience with coding. I'd love to play on my Linux desktop, but most of the directions here go over my head.


I'd just like to thank you for posting this, as it allowed me to install the game on my chromebook linux partition and play while my windows machine was in for repairs <3