Shifta/Deband Mag worth it on Hunewearl?


So I'm a bit unsure what Rare mag to go for, I know Shifta/Deband are amazing for Hunters but Hunewearls have pretty good Shiftas themselves, and I don't really know whats the highest level of Shifta you can get from, lets say a Rati. Is it always better to get the Shifta/Deband mags or is it okay to go with a invuln/invuln/invuln/ress mag like Sato?


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IIRC Mag Shifta is about level 6 or something. So HUnewearl's S/D is always better...


Invuln mags. comparing it to huney's lvl20 s/d it isn't worth. On that note, Huneys should always have their own mag all to themselves specifically statted for them because they're so impossible to max.


Lol I use kapu kapu cuz it's cute with my outfit! It casts s/d on boss and resta on low hp but that's fine. Aesthetic value!


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I gotta go with Matt on this one. Not because of the kitty thing (to each his own <_< ) but because it has great triggers, is easy to raise, and it's small so it doesn't interfere with much of the visual field.


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Invincibility is pretty much the only trigger worth anything. I wish all mags had it for everything. Not only does it provide something other characters in a party cannot do for you, it also is simply better than other triggers. Being invincible lets you stop everything and heal in whatever way you feel like, and not having to take hits means you're able to get much more attacks in vs having a low level Shifta. the deband does less than resta so umm yeah

also i like cats


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I have to agree with everyone here, invincibility triggers is the way to go. I happen to like the big, gaudy mags though, thus my penchant for making Nandin or Asparas - which Huneys can actually make themselves without having to depend on another character to evolve it!


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how do you dislike a post



When choosing a mag you don't really have to overthink too much. Its simply deciding whether you prefer it to based on Aesthetic's, Triggers, Simplicity or a mix of the previous.

Shifta/Deband triggers are not worth it personally on any character. I mean they can be handy on a cast but Invincibility will always be the more beneficial Trigger. Aside from that S-reds are available to HUcast/casel which gives them lvl 3 s/d. It may not be lvl 6 like the mag but personally it's not worth it when you can have Invincibility.

Unlike anyone else I love the Rappy mag. I find them adorable and they are just about the easiest to level up.
As for Inv trigger the best mag to get is Tellusis (via using Dragon scale) @NDW will tell you all about Tellusis's amazement. Though personally I think two golden wings looks tacky and un-tasteful, so I would much rather use something else. Or at least Until I see a nice skin for it.


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Tellusis is the best mag since it has 5% more chance at invincibility than all the other mags (well, Dreamcast has 80% but I don't think its triggers are useful), but I don't have any yellow chars so it's a terrible mag.


i wish cool old skool mags like bana with 3x invinci could be brought up to par with sato's activation rate. bana is so awesome when it's spinning around and making you invinci.

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PANZER TAIL! But then again mews Biased! X3! Mew tends to name Satos like precious gems, they're just so precious! Sapphire Sato....Ruby.... etc <3


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Two things that bothers me about Satos though... they can't have DEX less than 45 (unless you level DEF). They also level up slowly. Nidra and Soniti are both fairly easy to get and don't have these problems.


Tellusis is the best mag since it has 5% more chance at invincibility than all the other mags (well, Dreamcast has 80% but I don't think its triggers are useful), but I don't have any yellow chars so it's a terrible mag.

Basically you pick Tellusis if you have no fashion sense since it honestly looks terrible on even yellow characters

For that matter, so does Excal. Hate that weapon and I wish it wasn't so obnoxiously good.